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Being a blogger is beautiful. Blogging is an art that is highly appreciated because it involves creating creative content for the pleasure of your audience. It is important that you get paid while doing what you love. Now, here is the trick.

As a blogger, you are building influence first. That should be your initial goal. It is only after building your influence that you can successfully start thinking of selling. The reason is because your audience would be very happy and comfortable to buy from you. They know you, like you and trust you. So, creating a product will be very necessary to avoid being a broke blogger.

Asides the AdSense and affiliate systems, you can earn money from tying your blog to a product. For example, I write about business and lifestyle. So because of that, I offer social media, branding and design services to my clients.

Let’s dive into ten businesses you can run as a blogger (this totally depends on your niche, business knowledge and capability). Notice, I didn’t say finance? I don’t like to hear money is an obstacle.

1) Social Media Manager.

This involves managing pages for businesses. Please note that being a blogger doesn’t equal becoming a social media manager. You have to learn and get the skills right. Click here to get a copy of my eBook on the business of social media management.

2) T- shirt line/Cloth line.

If you are a fashion blogger or a lifestyle blogger, this may be ideal. You will have to build raving fans who will like to identify with your brand by wearing your T-shirt or cloth line. News, art, photography and travel bloggers can also have a T-shirt line.

3) Create a planner:

This is ideal for lifestyle, productivity, business, travel and blog bloggers. Create a planner that can help your audience stay organised and achieve more. Cassie Daves has yearly blog planners that she sells.

4) Write valuable books:

If you have a craft that you enjoy and are quite knowledgeable in, write an eBook about it. There are a great number of people who want to learn new things.

5) Create a cookbook/cook to make money:

This is ideal for food or pastry bloggers. Do you have special recipes that can turn necks and make saliva drop? Cook and have people buy. You can also teach people by having an eBook or physical book. You can also sell cooking utensils that are scarce and helps life in the kitchen. Examples are dooneyskitchen and Nigerian Lazy Chef.

6) Become a tourist guide/Have a tour journal/Sell photos:

If I wasn’t a lifestyle blogger, I would have been a full-time travel blogger. My blog still has a category for travel. You can make money from being a tourist guide like Social Prefect. You can sell a tour book where people can document memories. These things are seen as not necessary but they can live to educate generations to come and keep memories.

As a travel guide, you can sell photos of lovely places you travelled to. Enlarge it and sell to people to have in their homes. These photos can serve as a memory, vision board, art etc to the buyer.

7) Photography:

You can make money from offering photography services and selling photos. You can also make money from teaching photography classes.

These are really interesting ways to make a profit.

PS: I have a course on how to launch as a profitable blogger. You should enrol for the course.

Which ways are you currently making money as a blogger?
If your niche isn’t here, comment below and we can talk about how you can make money.

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