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Goals are daunting tasks! Necessary pains some say. In the busy world we live in today, it is easy to get lost in the many demands of everyday life. Millions of people all over the world are content just going through life and leaving no traces along the sacred path of time. It is ok that there are people like that, but not ok that you are one of them!

At this moment you probably have at the back of your mind, goals you aspire to achieve. One, two, three, or many more. It’s a good thing that you have goals in the fist place. Thumbs up! Now let’s get right down to managing them. Before we start however, I’ll like you to sincerely consider these questions below:

1. Is your goal realistic?
2. Does the goal you’ve set have a deadline?
3. Can your goal be measured in terms of value?
4. Is the goal specific? Not general – I mean specific.
5. Is it achievable?

If you answered NO to any of the questions up there, then your current goals needs some fine tuning first of.

On the assumption that your current goals are SMART I.e Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound; we may then proceed to managing them! Below are invaluable steps to managing your well defined goals:

1. Acknowledge the importance of achieving your goals and decide within yourself to be disciplined towards meeting targets.

2. Break down individual goals into small fragments spread across the length of time available to the goal’s deadline.

3. Consider if there is need to further break those already small fragments. Should the need arise, please graciously do.

4. Set up a priority chart. This should provide details of the aspects of your goal that is top priority.

5. Tackle your goals first on an hierarchy of urgency, afterwards importance.

6. Documentation is paramount to sustainability, efficiency and continuity. Ensure your processes are well documented.

7. Outsource or delegate aspects of your goal that you are not very conversant with to capable hands. Most times, the little aspects of our goals that eat up the majority of our time and energy can amazingly be done by other people for far less cost.

8. Reward yourself for milestones attained. This is very important, as it gives you some sense of achievement and a fresh push for achieving more.

9. Always remember it is ok to slack once in a while. However cover up that ‘slack’ as soon as possible. This simply means, if you don’t consider doing double-time later on fun; then don’t even consider slacking in the first place! I’m serious about this one.

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Post is written by Darlington Ajayi, founder of Tadall Nigeria.

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