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So the big news we have been waiting for is the Linda Ikeji Social. After so many guess work, she has finally broken the news. Linda Ikeji has been hustling for over 10 years and I must really applaud her consistency and the brand she has built for herself. She hasn’t stopped as she has come up with other lovely ideas as her investment asides blogging. While those ideas may not sound fabulous to some people, we have to applaud her for trying at least. We also have to appreciate her for thinking and taking action. There are thousand of people who come up with ideas and kill it even before it sees daylight. I took special interest in her social media platform because I think it’s a huge one. There are two reasons I think Linda Ikeji Social is here to stay and they are:

1) She can now rest a bit and enjoy her life. I mean, she has been enjoying it by going on vacations and buying expensive clothes, shoes and bags but now I mean total rest. With Linda Ikeji Social, She finally gets to sleep for an hour at least, go out and know that things are going fine. She can also have time for her new businesses. 10 years behind a laptop is not joke. Business is on auto pilot. Not fully though but she can employ capable hands to manage that. So, cheers to having a life now.
2) She may not know but this is a good opportunity for young people to get employed. As a mass communication student, even while in school, you can make money from being a reporter. You can start with absolutely zero Naira and also build your reporting skills. Get a phone with a good camera, a pen and your writing skills. You make N1000 for every successful report. So, if you report 10 stories in a day, that’s N10,000. This is pure hustle.
The Linda Ikeji Platform is a two in one platform: blogging and social media. It is a great start. I hope it’s well maintained and she works towards a good user experience. I also hope there is a credible and authentic way to check for original stories being submitted.
In all, Linda is a hustler and has been doing well in the blogosphere. It’s goes to show the opportunities that lies in being a blogger. Find your niche and look for a way to give value. Blogging is way more than just writing. I wish her all the best and support she needs to make this a fly idea from Africa!

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  1. Sam Steve

    December 11, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    Hello Joy,

    thank you for your thoughts on this. I have been reading up on this LIS since it’s launch.

    I noticed so many negative reviews and what not.

    This is the second blog that is saying something positive about it.

    That aside,

    I like your second point about the job creation aspect. I wish others can see the huge potential of this platform and take advantage of it.


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