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It is no news that WhatsApp introduced the status feature. This feature works exactly like the Instagram stories except that it is shown to your contacts alone. Your status disappears after 24 hours.

You can also edit this setting by choosing those you want to see your status.
Another interesting feature about the WhatsApp update is that you can see the number of those who viewed your status, the exact people and equally reply people’s status directly. Awesome stuff!
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This status isn’t limited to just photos. You can explore the video option as well.
Now, one thing that came to my mind was how the WhatsApp status can be used to boost business. As a business owner, a lot of friends don’t know what you do and even if they do, they don’t remember. The WhatsApp status can be used to creatively tell your friends what you do and equally create a top of mind status.

I have used the Whatsapp status and it works. I had a friend who sent me a message as regards something I had as my status.
If you are a blogger, it is a perfect way to screen munch your headline and put it up as your status. This can even cause engagement with your readers. For me, it is a huge plus!

I personally don’t read broadcast messages much but with the WhatsApp Status feature, I will sure open up and this largely depends on your personality.
Also, I see a lot of WhatsApp entertainers or thought leaders coming up. This is a great way to launch and give your audience some interesting vibe. The only limit to this is that one has to be on your contact list to enjoy what you have to offer/say. Nonetheless, it can be used to stay top of mind.

Asides the good side, I thought of a downside as well. People may not be intelligent enough to remember that WhatsApp is more of a private platform, thereby, exposing what should be kept private.
It’s okay to give people a sneak peek into your personal life but it’s important to apply caution.
Some others will be busy dishing out irrelevant content which may be a waste of data. That’s why I said, viewing your status on WhatsApp for me, largely depends on your personality.

The analytics is also a good way to tell when your contacts are mostly active. If you have more views in the morning, you may want to stick with updating your status in the morning. Just play around with some peak hours like 8 am, 12/1pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm.
Remember, if you go all salesy on your contacts, you will end up chasing them away. So, find a creative way to put out your content or make it entertaining.

So, now that you have read how you can enjoy the new WhatsApp feature, how do you intend to use it?

If you have updated your WhatsApp, what has your experience been so far?

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