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I have personally witnessed an obvious change in the weather. You might have also witnessed it as well. That’s good for you. But if you have not then please take note of these important advises.

To help guard your health and protect your life.
The weather is getting cold in the morning
Dry(humid) and hot in the afternoon.
These dramatic changes occurring in the weather poses many health risks and dangers upon us.

And we need to take critical look at them so we don’t develop any complications.

As a result of these changes, People are at a high risk for upper respiratory infections as a result of inhalation of dust
Epistaxis ; bleeding through the nose as a result of humid air that cause blood vessels in the nose to break.
Dehydration due to dry air or humidity
Eye infections like conjunctivitis due to dryness and dust.

Sore throat

Dried skins cracked lips and other lesions
High tendency of bleeding

Poor water hygiene may also occur leading to other gastrointestinal effects like vomiting and diarrhoea.

Preventive measures
Wear protective clothes such as jackets trousers socks and stockings wherever appropriate and necessary

Drink more water at 6 to 8 sachets or more

Use appropriate skin cream , the best I can recommend is Shea butter. Apply them on areas that are prone to dryness like the lips, hair, face heals of the foot etc.

Pls don’t expose your body

Do as much as possible to avoid dusty areas. Leaders can help us sprinkle some water at dusty areas.

Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing to prevent spread of infectious micro organisms.

Do as much as possible to prevent any form of injury since this can cause a lot bleeding.

Reduce Strenuous activities the lead to high oxygen demand.

Ensure good personal hygiene.

Take in more fruits and vegetables to help boost immunity

Take enough time to rest

Please let us spread this vital information so we can save lives. Remember prevention is better than to cure.

Source: Stecjecy Whatsapp Group.

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