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After spending almost my whole day on the roads of Lagos on Tuesday, I decided to see a friend and just stay over. With thoughts of me freezing in the AC, all I just wanted to do was sleep.

Sleep was a thing of the mind and not the eyes that moment as I kept watching the TV. Fast forward to the moment when he said “we will eat out o”. In my mind, I was like “before nko”. I had no strength to form efficient woman or 100 yards wife material. I just wasn’t in the mood. ( Some days are just like that)

We sped off in the car to the nearest local restaurant where all the Chelsea fans in the planet were watching the match ( meanwhile congratulations to you all. You guys seem to building your ladder again). Amidst the whole noise I was told they had Egusi and AFANG soup and I thought it was time to try something different.

I love the idea of vegetables. I am a big fan. I do not joke with it because of its nutritional value and how I just stay, feel and look fresh. That was the exact thing that caught my interest. The idea of vegetables for the night was cool as I already knew that I was going to feel light the next day. On getting home, I washed my hands and attacked it. The Afang soup was tasty and was made with a lot of palm oil.

But what I didn’t  enjoy about it was the periwinkle. Don’t call me a bush girl yet. I have never had a periwinkle in my entire wonderful life and the first day I get to try it, I had to battle with the idea of having shells in my soup and sucking what???

Afang soup_imodelafrica

I have my reservations about those shells. What if they weren’t washed well? What if they weren’t prepared well? One has to be very careful to avoid suffering from the cousin of Lassa fever.

Well, I tried sucking and I got a slightly bitter taste I wasn’t comfortable with. I don’t know if that’s how it tastes. Kindly explain to me what it tastes like. Sadly, as soon as I stopped sucking and was still recovering from my squeezed face, I started clearing my throat. I knew there was a problem. I compensated myself with the tasty gizzard.

The next day, I had developed Laryngitis. It is simply loosing your voice. It is the inflammation of the vocal chords (Larynx). It is usually caused by excessive strain of the vocal cords or a bacteria infection. It sometimes comes with cough, sore throat, pain and dryness. Mine happens to be pain and dryness.

Well, I’m currently seeking home remedies to this and whatever I come with, I will post here and also tell you the results.

PS: This won’t stop me from trying something new. The village witches can’t win. Lailai

PSS: I think I prefer the periwinkles in my soup without the shells. I am yet to try that though. I will whenever I get the opportunity to. Does that shell add any extra flavour to the soup?

How do you like your Afang soup? With the shell or without the shell? Please let me know in the comment section below.

Love and cheers.

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