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So guys like I said in my last post, I am back with a remedy I found for laryngitis. It was not bad at all. (if you missed it, read here).

Like I said, in my quest for new things, I am equally concerned about whatever enters my mouth. It is a stamped resolution. I would have easily walked into any pharmacy to ask for something to soothe my throat and bring back my voice but I decided to try a home remedy. That way I get to save money, try something new and enjoy my concoction.

What I found out wasn’t that bad. I found out that I could cure Laryngitis with Apple cider vinegar ( who knows what that is), Garlic (I wasn’t ready to smell for 2 days. The smell makes me puke too), Water and salt solution ( very normal. I just wasn’t confident with this), Onion syrup ( one word. Ewwww.), Lemon Juice, Ginger and lots more.

I settled for ginger because it was easy to find and truth is I wasn’t too sure about what I was signing up for. I guess the daring part of me (Nikita) was ready for anything! It helped me soothe the pain and dryness but I wasn’t too sure of the magic I was expecting- getting my voice back ASAP. Here is the recipe for the ginger tea.

Ginger tea_imodelafrica

Ginger- N50
Hot water.

– Wash the quantity of ginger you will need thoroughly.
– Peel the skin of the ginger.
– Chop the peeled going into tiny bits.
– Pour the chopped ginger into a neat cup.
– Pour your hot water into the cup.
– Allow it sit for about 10 minutes.
– Add honey or lemon to sweeten (optional).
– Drink slowly throughout the day.


Ginger tea_imodelafrica

I had mine without any sweetener. I enjoyed the natural smell and taste. You may also want to chew the tiny bits you chopped if you can handle. Allow the juice sit in your throat for a while before you swallow. Avoid too much talking.

Ginger tea_imodelafrica

In as much as garlic smells terribly, I might get to try it if this doesn’t restore my voice soon. Whatever makes the voice better, I will sign up. It also means I won’t go out at all for 2 days.

Ginger tea_imodelafrica

PS: The ginger tea is a wonderful remedy for PMS.

Cheers to an awesome voice and a healthy you!

And hey….have a fabulous weekend. 💋😘❤️

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