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Have you ever had a boring conversation?

Having a conversation style is very important when creating content for your social media page or your blog. It determines if people are going to be interested in what you have to say. It determines the level of engagement. It goes a long way to even determine your sales.

There are three conversation styles I want to introduce to you and I hope it helps you get the most out of your audience.

1) Storytelling:

This is my favourite because it stirs emotions. Not everyone is a good story writer or teller but it can be learned. The important thing is that you open to being better at this skill. Storytelling takes your audience on a journey. It opens their mind to imagination and it is much more profitable if they can relate to what you have written. There are a couple of storytellers you can follow on Facebook. Emeka Nobis, Chidindu Mmadu-okoli (I met her at MBT), Charles Isidi. Follow them and Facebook and see how they use storytelling to increase engagement, make impact and profit. I learn from them as well.

2) The controversial style:

This style is highly effective and should be carefully used so as not to ignite the wrong feelings. The controversial style is written with a goal, which is to spark up a feeling. Positive or negative. An example of this would be the book “On Becoming” written by Toke Makinwa. In as much as the story format was adopted but it sparked different kinds of feelings. Anger, pity, scorn, etc. People said different kinds of things.

In this category, whatever you say doesn’t have to negative. It can be positive but at the same time, should be able to make people feel differently. Religious, politics, relationship and love topics are highly controversial niches. You can creatively adopt this style in your niche.

3) Official style:

This is what I like to call the “office style”. It’s serious, straight to the point and usually informative or motivating. This style is also good but sometimes fails to get the attention of its readers. If you are good on LinkedIn, this style may somehow work for you. I chose this as the third because you have to be Dangote or Bill Gates to get this rolling. With this style, your audience might not have the time to read or they may consider it boring. There has to be an irresistible offer for it to fly. This style can also blend with the story telling style.
In all, whatever content or copy you are writing, adopt a style that you can flow well with and your audience can understand. If you are not a good story teller, for the sake of your brand, learn how to do so. Your future self will thank you for that.

Which of these styles will you adopt? If you have, what’s the progress been like?

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