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Who else loves older clients?

I launched my social media management company (full time) and I must say the journey hasn’t been an easy one. The tasks involved are much! But who am I to complain? We always pray for clients and money.

But on this journey, something significant has happened.

My younger sister who happens to be a tailor says so much about her clients and how they have impacted her. I only listened but could not relate. I wished to also meet amazing people like her clients. Little did I know!

Currently, I have two beautiful and amazing older clients. They have touched me in ways I didn’t imagine. I really don’t know if it’s me but they already feel like family. We laugh, come up with ideas and make money! Suddenly, the rush to make money disappears and it is all about giving them the best experience, going out of my way to give them the best experience.

I have learned the importance of building relationships. It is much easier to build a healthy relationship with an existing client and then serve them well. I honestly haven’t sat to think of how I do it but I will figure it out someday. My clients are so comfortable with me that they say things like “Joy, do and marry o. Let us come and rejoice with you” or “I wish my son was your age. You are too smart.”.

Honestly, I blush when they say that and I respect everything they say or do because of my relationship with them.

They have also taught me to be someone that can be trusted. This gets me scared sometimes. I know it is because of the relationship I have with them that they feel comfortable telling me things!

I keep pinching myself but then sometimes I feel like they need someone to talk to or they just love me as a daughter. But all the same, I respect that whatever they have told me should be kept between us. Mine is to take the lessons and save the rest.

They also make me stay on top of my game. It is very easy to lose guard when you are very comfortable with your clients but beware. Your clients haven’t forgotten what brought you both together. So, while you nurture the relationship and share moments, please remember to serve and give your best.

My formula has always been to tell myself that the more comfortable I feel, the harder I work for them. I think it will be much easier when I have a team but for now, I have my eyes fixed on the goal.

These older clients are damn too intelligent and their quest to learn more baffles me. I mean, they are old right? But they say things like ‘Joy, your generation is so lucky. In our time, we didn’t have opportunities like this.’ 

You see all the things we feel are too complex, these older clients want to digest and understand it. That is a huge challenge as it makes me study to remain steps ahead. I can’t fall my hand.

Now, not all older clients will be nice. In fact, I have one who just doesn’t laugh with me (I hope “it” doesn’t read this). I have tried various methods but I have come to understand that not everyone has such time. So, the important thing is to carry out your task and deliver.

This post has ignited something in me and I am excited. I hope to share soon. Hope you read my review on last month?

Do you have older clients? How do they treat you? How do you feel about them? Do you have a counter experience?

Please share.

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