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In my 3 years of blogging, I have heard ridiculous things about blogging. Blogging has been reduced to gossip or a copy and paste business. Some people don’t even know it is a business or they don’t understand how to earn money by being a blogger. Majority don’t even know what being a blogger represents.


I have seen people who have grown from being great bloggers to influencers and the light hasn’t stopped shining for them. If you are interested in blogging, there are certain questions you have to ask yourself. You have to decide what you intend to achieve by having a space on the web.


I have heard all sorts of excuses as to why one can’t go into blogging. What of the biggest misconception? Once you start blogging, you are a millionaire. Sorry to burst your bubble but it doesn’t work that way.


When someone calls you a blogger, these are the 3 things you represent.


1) YOU ARE A VOICE: It means there is something you represent in your niche. It means your style of writing and delivery is unique. It means you always write meaningful content. It means you give value for the time spent on your space. It means you are very careful about what you say and you find a way to deliver the most difficult thoughts in a subtle way. It means you are creative and breathe original content.


2) YOU ARE AN AUTHORITY: Just as there are various niches in the blogosphere, you are expected to carve a niche for yourself and deliver value as much as you can. People value their time and for every second they spend on your blog, they should gain something. Once you consistently deliver value, people will begin to see you as an authority in that niche. Please note that becoming an authority doesn’t happen overnight. It is something you have to build over time and it involves being very strategic.


3) YOU ARE A MENTOR: You might not know it but once you are very consistent at delivering valuable content, people begin to warm up to you to teach them one or two things. They begin to ask you questions. They begin to look forward to having a one on one moment where they can learn something or just hang out with you. You become a teacher and a mentor even without knowing it. At this stage, people begin to look up to you.


If you are looking to be a thought leader, a blogger, a writer or maybe you are a brand, part of your investments will be owning your own space on the web a.k.a your blog, where you can write your thoughts and inspire thousands of people you many never get to meet.


There is a price for greatness and you must be ready to work to achieve that.


Download this blogger clarity worksheet where I have 11 important questions you MUST answer if you are thinking of owning a blog. Everybody mustn’t be a blogger. These questions will help you realize if blogging is for you or not.


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