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Hello lovelies. Hope we are all having a nice time. Something has been brought to my notice and that’s the fact that celebrities get more modeling jobs than models. I was able to talk to a couple of models and realized this was a one of the many challenges they have. I smiled because truth is a lot of models think that working hard stops at landing a job that gets you on the run way or in front of a camera. If you don’t put an extra twist to it, celebrities will continue to take your place. Sad but true. Kylie Jenner is a model but a smart one. She gets endorsements and not just runway shows or taking photographs. She keeps herself active with her business.

Let’s just get down to reasons you might never be chosen over a celebrity. Are you ready for this eye opener? Let’s go.


Quick question: If a brand was to get you as the face of their brand. Will people patronize them? Do you have that large following offline and online to get people to use a product? A typical example here is Tiwa Savage and Pampers.

So many models see no need to grow their following or spend money to learn the tricks to do this. They see no reason to have online pals or offline friends. The only friends you have are those who know you are a model and those you hang out with in the club.

Brands are businesses uses celebrities because celebrities learn the tricks of social media engagement or even hire a social media manager to do these things for them. These businesses need more patronage and they pay celebrities to do all the online hype.


If a brand meets you, how many people can you engage online. How many people will buy a product because you said so? How many people love your personality and what you do? Which social media platform do you engage more on? Do you know how to use it well?


Models are known for one thing.. Being saucy! This largely sums up to the reason why you can’t have a great influence. People don’t like you because you don’t like them first. People meet you for something and you are already asking for the thousands of naira that you haven’t earned in a while.

Don’t get me wrong. Doing free jobs always will send your bank account empty but it’s good to do a shout out once in a while for that person who asks and probably doesn’t have so much money to throw around. How well do you support others? What do people say about you? What do your friends know about you? What’s your face like when people you don’t know ask for a selfie and your Instagram handle?

You have to engage in activities for people to know you. It doesn’t have to be just your model friends. What about attending a hangout? What about attending events that not totally related to modeling? Have you ever attended an event and people found out you were a model and got surprised? If your answer is No, you should start taking these adventures. Celebrities do it and with that people love them more and listen to whatever they say.

You have to able to set the foundation straight. People you do stuff for will always give you a shoutout online. You can even ask for it. Tell them to do a shout out and let people follow you. That way you increase your following as a model. You also build your portfolio. It’s not always about the money. Something’s matter more than money sometimes.


This is the core point of all this. The moment you start seeing yourself as a business, brands will recognize you. These brands need someone who is active in his or her career and can pull a crowd. They need Return On Investment. They can’t spend so much money paying you and you think it’s all about just taking a photograph. No one jokes like that.

If you really want to get these jobs, you should do way more than these celebrities. You should test things and see how they work. You should be open to learning. You should take the bull by the horn and readjust your self. You should be ready to go the extra to see that you stand as an authority and not just a model. Kylie Jenner isn’t just a model. She is an authority. People do things because she tells them to do so or because they see her do so. I’m talking millions of people. Can you command that?


I know you will be saying “Is that my work? Aren’t they supposed to have ad agencies?”

Celebrities are influencers. They make the job issue. They have fun doing what they do asides the original hustle they are known for. They get paid. They command an action. You can choose your place today.

Be the model who is always complaining about no jobs and agencies OR be that smart model who is an influencer, an authority and ready to make money – A BUSINESS MODEL. Remember, the money you make from being a smart model can get you the life you desire.

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