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Don’t worry, it’s nothing sexual. Hahahahaha. Interesting name I must say. Let me confess… It was the name that drew me to his channel as I was video haunting on YouTube. Please don’t put the blame on me. I’m sure you would also want to find out who the One Minute Man is too. 😄

Mazi Chukwuebuka is a creative content creator (CCC… What a title!) He has a couple of shows in the works, some for TV and some for the web. He hasn’t been able to complete them largely because of budget restrictions and the fact that key parts of the production processes are in the hands of his collaborators who of course can’t be passionate as he is for the completion of his own projects. ( Major entrepreneur startup problem…. o ma se o).

So he decided to create a show so simple and doesn’t need need outsourcing any part of the production. Ladies and gentlemen, that was how One Minute Man was born. He wrote the scripts, shot some episodes with his phone, edited on his laptop and the rest is history. (Brilliant)

Guys, with consistency, Mazi Chukwuebuka will go viral with his series and will thereby draw attention to his unique content creation skills.

I find him interesting because he discusses really important issues and somehow makes you laugh with his expressions. He blends Igbo with Yoruba effortlessly and when he wants to tweak his accent, forgerrit! This young man is simply amazing. He releases new episodes every Friday. So you can turn on the notification button so you will be the first to know when he uploads the next series.

Meanwhile, watch these episodes and tell me what you think about it. Let’s appreciate his efforts. If he needs to improve, let him know in the comment section below.

To connect with Ebuka on Instagram, click here or follow @kingebuka

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