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Happy new month lovelies. Pardon my absence on the blog. Your girl is working on something that I will tell you about soon. But before that, let’s get down to the business of the day. Have you had anyone tell you things you must know about the modeling career?

The modeling industry is a very glamorous one and quite interesting as I said in this post. It is never a dull moment being on set and having your make up done ;having lots of camera flashes on you and changing from one costume to another. I mean, it is your moment and everyone’s attention is on you. A lot of us have seen models on the runway and oh we want to be like them. Just as there are good sides, there are also bad sides of being in the modeling industry.

Of the many, the most popular one is being influenced negatively. Lol. There is a whole lot packed in that, right? Wonder why people have the notion that models are highly immoral people and models do drugs and sex at anytime. Well, that’s because they are open to the few models that they know. I’m sure they were good boys or girls until they were influenced negatively.

That being said, a lot of people want to go into the modeling career but don’t know how and don’t know what to expect. My advice- keep an open mind. I will also advice that you do the following…


This is the biggest. Whatever picture you create in your mind is exactly what you are going to get. I don’t think anyone has ever gotten a NO in life as much as I have. But I keep pushing on. That should be your story. Never assume that you don’t know a thing in the career. Forge ahead. Keep failing and standing. Keep trying. It will not be easy getting to the top. From little bits, you can achieve that super model status. You might have one of those top modeling agencies sign you for the weirdest reason. If you are a plus size, please don’t assume that all that is needed is to be pretty and thin. Plus size models are fast rising and making waves.


Just like I stated, you may be in an environment where a lot of things are going wrong, you have to be on guard. Do not join them simply because you are there. Find your way out and if you want to remain, give the most polite reason. You don’t necessarily have to be in that place. It could be on set. If you are told to do something you don’t feel comfortable with, take your time. Tell the director on set how you feel about it and suggest a better way it can be done. ( I strongly advice that you ask for details of the job before getting to this point. If the concept doesn’t go well with you, it will be better to pass) Stay away from being negatively influenced. Modeling exposes you to a lot like smoking, drinking, sleeping around, craving to go/stay nude in public places but with self discipline, you should keep your eyes on the price and forge ahead.


No one has ever become a success by being lazy. You have to work your way to your success. Be your best. Practice everyday. Watch videos and photographs of supermodels who have succeeded in their career. Never stop learning. For those who are starting up, you can start by taking photographs in studios. That way, you will get better and comfortable with the camera. If you are the runway type, make your room your runway. Be bold enough to participate in auditions and fashion shows. Find good opportunities that will place in you in a great place, even if you are not paid. The belief that you must be paid a million once you become a model should be scrapped. It can happen though but Nigerian models are yet to understand how they can make things work for their good. Sad but true. We will revisit this issue some day.


I always like to have a niche because it is better and helps you grow faster. If you are the fashion model, be good at it. If you are the runway model, never forget to slay. If you are the body model, be at the top of your game. Work your way to your place. Have a vision. Ask yourself “Why do you want to become a model?” Some of us unfortunately are interested in the dirty lifestyle and maybe the money. Well, that’s a vision that will take you no where. You should have a clear, smart and positive vision. You can change the face of the game with your skill. You can be a role model to upcoming models and teach them the right way to do things. There are a million reasons to become a model. Find your purpose and pursue it.


I always like to say that all these cannot be achieved if you don’t cling on to the most important person, God. Pray about everything. Getting a job, going on set, facing a problem etc. I am sure he knows better than all of us combined. He planned the ways of super models to the top. He can plan yours.

Are there other points you think we should know?
Are you an aspiring model who has challenges and you don’t know how to tackle it? Please drop your comments below. I love reading your comments.

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