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And the winner is ……

I know how nervous some of us are when it gets to that stage. Even the audience won’t be able to stand the suspense. In about a minute or more, the winner is announced and it happens to be you. Congratulations! 🎊🎊🎊

A new life begins. An instant upgrade happens. You probably have some money in the account, a car to ease your movement, lots of connections and a lot of fans/admirers/ media houses waiting to speak to you. When going for a pageant, one of the lessons you have to learn is handling fame as a beauty king or queen. In as much as being a beauty king or queen is glamorous, it has its down sides if you don’t thread carefully. I have talked about this in another light here and here. Let’s get to a few tips that can help you become a fab beauty king or queen. You automatically get the celebrity status either locally, nationally or internationally. Truth is, you can’t satisfy everyone. So you have to strike a balance in your lifestyle.


This is very important. Lots of people become beauty kings or queens and forget those who even helped them get there. They loose every sense of respect and make pride a lifestyle. It’s important to treat everyone with respect because there is a life after being a beauty King or queen and you don’t even know who you will need to take you to the next level. Always wear your smile even when asked the silliest question, I advice.


You know how annoying it is when you can’t even live your normal life anymore. Yes. I know too. It’s one of the things you signed up for and you should be able to handle it. You might decide to eat in your favourite local restaurant and social media stalkers won’t let you be. They feel it’s a big deal and they make news out of everything that you do. Be yourself. If you still find your local restaurant interesting and you don’t mind, they will make news of it and will get tired. They can’t keep reporting one news. However, how you comport yourself matters a lot. Be careful what you say and how you say it especially on social media. You can also use social media to your advantage as I said here.


I really can’t say much here. This has to do with the level of grace and decency one has. Seriously. There is one thing you must know as a beauty king or queen. That one thing is that you will definitely be approached by men, lots of men, women and lots of women. They won’t come empty handed. They will come with lots of gifts and juicy offers. Jaw dropping offers that will make you salivate. You don’t have to tell them off rudely. They will meet you for different purposes and it’s no secret that the industry is sexually exposing. You can be among the responsible ones. You should be highly principled and learn to tell people off politely. Funny enough, they can remain your friends and you don’t have to do their bidding (I prefer not to have them as friends at all). It’s important for you to read as much as you can on communication strategy. You will be using a lot of it, I advice. This doesn’t happen only in the modeling industry, other industries have this challenge too.


Looking good, they say, is good business. You are a beauty King or Queen, so,it’s important to always look your best. You do not need to break the bank to look good. Know what fits you and the right things to wear for meetings and/or casual outings. Stay neat and carry yourself like the royalty that you are. You may like to check out costumes to wear for your beauty pageant.


Avoid activities that will land you in trouble or disgrace. Where you are seen matters. So, be careful where you go and activities you get yourself into. It’s important that you live a healthy lifestyle for your sake and for the sake of those looking up to you. It will be sad to mislead anyone. Do not get carried away with the glamorous lifestyle of hanging out, meeting people and probably going to clubs/events. If it’s not official and if it’s not right, you shouldn’t be seen there. Remember you represent a brand, your family, your fans and your self. Work to put your brand in a good light as I said here.


I cannot emphasize this enough. Lots and lots of people feel there is no need to keep praying as long as you have gotten what you want. But it’s super important to listen to the voice of God and ask for directions. He alone can save and direct you. It can never be by your own power but by his grace. If he made Queen Esther, he can make you too. Don’t be a prayer less beauty King or Queen.

So before we finish here, I will like to know if you have ever been in the beauty Queen or King position? If yes, what were your challenges and how did you handle it? If you have other tips to share, please drop by in the comment section. I love to read your comments.

Love and Cheers. 💋💋💋

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