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It’s been like how many years? That’s how it feels like. I just stare at the blog and can’t do anything. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I have been ill since my duties at Ajegunle. I didn’t have the strength to do a post on that. Too bad. But that’s alright.

The good news is I AM STRONG AND ALIVE. This sickness made me appreciate good health and also see the role of Christ in my life. Sometimes, I wake up and don’t even pray or I mumble some words and that’s it. He still gives me strength and my heart desires. While, there are people who cabash morning and night and they are lying sick in the hospital with the doctors Saying to them ” I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do about this case”

God forbid. It won’t be our portion. For every morning you wake up, please take time out to meditate on the good things God has done for you including giving you life. Na so person dey take miss for this world o. One small thing, you hear the person is gone. It’s end time and we have to be alert spiritually! I’m equally advising myself too.


Bag making + Give away

So in the spirit of good health and to show appreciation, we will be having our first give away on this blog. It’s not really the first but since switching to lifestyle blogging, it is the first. This giveaway is for some group of people. So if you are into bag making or know someone who is into bag making, this is for you. I have some items I am giving out. You may have some of them already or you may not. I will be posting the pictures on Instagram. So go follow and turn on the notification post so you will be the first to know when I post.


-Follow @imodelafrica_
-Tell me how the selected items will help your bag making ministry.

Winners will be picked randomly and on a first come, first serve basis.

As always, Love and Cheers.

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