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From Osato in Benin

Dear Ollie,

A friend told me you could help out. Please I need help.

I’ll be 23 by July 6th this year (2016) and I’m a virgin. Love sounded like fairy tale, like something that only exists in novels before a month ago. There is this guy I met in my church. He came for his friend’s wedding. A wedding I happened to have attended too at my church. We got talking, and soon we exchanged numbers.

We’ve been friends ever since. Unlike my other friends, this is different. There’s this thing about him that makes me feel different. He is an interesting fellow and a funny bone. We talk almost every minute. Its either we’re talking via phone calls, or its whatsapp or we’re text messaging each other.

Now the problem is, I don’t understand anymore. I’m clearly in love with him. But can’t vouch same for him. Some days back things got intense and we kissed. It took the sound sisters footsteps to bring us back to our senses. After the act, he was really happy. I didn’t know how to react, its supposed to be a good thing right? But somehow I was not as happy about it as I’d expected to when it happens.

Mind you, he has not asked me out yet. Days have passed, and all he talks about is how good it felt kissing me. I expected him to ask me out before now, don’t know why he hasn’t. I have thought of confronting him with the issue, but won’t that make me look cheap? Given the fact that I’ve made the obvious mistake of allowing him kiss me too? I don’t even know what or how to feel. I love him, but he’d better start talking! Please help Ollie!!! What do I do?

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