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I had struggled a while to get some jobs done and even get to collaborate with people. I was preparing for a major turnover in business but I didn’t understand why things were going the way they were. As a startup entrepreneur, I needed to also cut cost and save more but nobody was ready to understand this. Maybe some. They proudly charged me in digits as long as an American phone number.

I eventually got to meet a couple of people and my shy self couldn’t help but hide and just stare. I did this for a month and … Well, my eyes opened when I saw other female entrepreneurs getting deals and I immediately asked for the secret. Networking!

I realized that I had to learn the art to get deals or even get things done free for me. I had to learn how to network for my business. I had to learn how to network even as a shy and introverted lady.

This and many more you will learn by attending the iMAN hangout. A hangout for young female entrepreneurs. This hangout happens every month and is a must attend for you if you:

– Want to network and collaborate
– Want to learn
– Want to increase your net worth
– Want to publicise your brand
– Want to improve your lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

iMAN Hangout- iModelAfrica

And guess what, the July’s session is totally FREE! (Your ear don stand abi).
The EXCITING NEWS is that it is only open to 10 awesome ladies.

The facilitator for July’s hangout is Lotanna Ezeogu, the founder of SkillsTribe and she teaches shy and introverted entrepreneurs how to network. You can check out one of her features HERE.

Focus: Getting the best of your business through networking + personal development tips.
Bonus: 20 minutes assessment session with Lotanna.
Get a copy of her e-book, “A guide to starting conversations”.
Date: July 23rd, 2016.

To participate, kindly register here.

Please note that:
*This event is available to those in Lagos.
*The participants will be chosen from the best answers gotten.
*Further details like venue will be communicated to the chosen participants only.
*If you know you will not be able to make it after being chosen, kindly let us know so that another lovely lady will be given the chance to an awesome experience.
*Don’t forget to come with business cards or flyers.

Made up your mind already? Click here to register.

As always, love and cheers.

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