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This post was actually for yesterday but I thought it was better to put up something to inspire us for the week first.

Two events held during the weekend and that was the Blogger Point and the iMAN hangout. I didn’t get to attend the Blogger Point event which pained me alot but last I checked, I no be spirit.

All about the weekend 2-iModelAfrica

So let’s talk about the hangout. It was held at Mimz Lounge, Lekki Phase 1. I was really happy that about 16 ladies came around for the hangout and it was amazing as we had Darlington Ajayi of Tadall teach us how to build a website of our own. That was a 250k service that he taught for free and it was amazing.

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The surprising thing was that the ladies talked like they had known themselves for a long time. This melted my heart and I thought in my heart “If only women know the power they possess. We will rather hold hands and walk forward”

We talked about the need to respect for each other, support and even the use of social media for a brand. The ladies were fired up and I’m sure they took home one or two lessons.

Preparing for iMAN 2.0 was a sweet challenge. Alot of things happened behind the scene but I’m glad the event didn’t look it. We had to change the venue a few days to the due date and Guys, I finally found a reason to learn how to drive!!! The errands had to be done by someone. There was a car but I had to look for someone to drive. Thanks to Promise! He saved the day.

All about the weekend 5-iModelAfrica

Ginika (@jayandtoys) and I

I intend to run this four times in a year for better value and top class networking or what do you think? But I’m definitely not doing it monthly. We need to have a break. Dhuuur… Women are doing amazing stuff and I totally support women who come together to make things happen.


All about the weekend-iModelAfrica

Amanosi (@blossomscreates) and Oyin( @thefirecelady)

If you are a female entrepreneur looking for women to connect and collaborate with, kindly join the facebook group here. We will love to have you.

All about the weekend 3-iModelAfrica

Vanessa of @_vankara

My thanks goes to God for making me strong throughout the period of preparation. To the amazing  iMA team, you are great people. The women who attended and of course my amazing sponsors, I love you all.

You can check out our sponsors and photos @imanetwork. What a weekend!

How did your weekend go? I will love to hear from you.

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  1. Evelyn

    August 25, 2016 at 10:53 am

    I must not miss out on this amazing gathering. Please, how do I become a part of this?

    • Ollie

      September 7, 2016 at 3:43 pm

      Hi Evelyn, please follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletters. You will definitely get a message when it’s time for the next one.

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