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I have been able to use social media to build my brand and create meaningful relationships in my sector. Do you know you can do same for yourself? Though it might not be as simple as ABC but it’s totally worth it. Over the years, we have had lots of social media platforms come up and it seems like we have to be on all of them to make sales.

Good news is, you don’t have to.

 Free Session with Joy-iModelAfrica
If you are have a product or you create a service, all you need to do is measure the effects of your social media campaign and find out which platform is best for you.
Well, maybe sales isn’t your main target. I understand. Be it influence, engagement, collaborations, fame etc, I can teach you just how to go about it.
So many of us have a large following on social media and there is no impact in business. While some have followers as low as 300 and are making much more sales. What are they doing differently? What formula are they using?
My name is Joy and I am a lifestyle blogger and social media is my lovely play ground. I am also the host of the iMAN hangout, a networking platform for young female entrepreneurs.
I want to take you by the hand and show you how to step up your game on social media. I’m sure by now you know that millions of products are sold on social media everyday and you can be part of this interesting game and it’s totally worth it.
Free Session with Joy-iModelAfrica
While the numbers are important, conversion is much more important. Like I stated, whatever your goal is, I can help you get there in 30 days! You heard me. 30 lovely days!!! As long as you follow my teaching, you will see the impact.
I usually charge N100,000 for a 2 hour class. But hey, I really want to be part of your success story. So, I’m offering a FREE 30 minutes session with me. In this 30 minutes, you will learn
–  How to place yourself as an authority that you are.
– Various ways to make sales in your business.
– Which platform will best suit your business.
–  Practical ways to reach your goal in social media.
–  get an analysis of your social media account.
All these for how much? FREE!
This offer lasts from September 1 to September 13. I will take just 3 people a day and spaces are fast filling up. So, book a space today by clicking on this link.
This is an opportunity for you to talk to me about your social media and business development concerns for 30 minutes.
Please note that this session is open to brand owners who are willing to take action after learning what I will teach them. If you are just a listener and not a doer, this is not for you.
Seize this opportunity now. The next time this session will be open, it will be a premium service.
If you know any entrepreneur, who is in need of this amazing offer, do him/her a favour by sharing this link with them.
Need to book a free space? Click here.
Talk to you soon!

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Hey She-boss! I am Joy (Ollie) and I am glad to have you here. I am a God lover who is dedicated to inspiring young creative women and living a fulfilled life. I hope you find my posts useful and don’t forget to subscribe for more awesomeness! Thank you for reading!!!❤️

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