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I remember when I started blogging and I was left with the thoughts of how I was going to handle my graphics design. I got a designer and I was always begging to have my design done for me at N3000 or N5000. It was crazy. I wanted to employ an in house graphics designer because I felt it was cheaper but how was I going to pay them at the end of the month? Getting images from Google was a good bet but errrrm….I wanted my own original design. If this sounds like you, worry not. Even if you have no design skill, you will be able to do something awesome. All you need to do is study how to navigate the app, colour theories, balance and be creative.


This app is an easy app and I love it. It is available on iOS and android devices. It’s sold for $3.99 on iOS and N795.00 on Android. It gives you the option of using their own image or your own. It equally has lots of interesting fonts and filters. I like to refer to it as my easy-go graphics app. It is suitable for also designing your Instagram images and it leaves you with the option of leaving your logo or water mark on it!


Canva is simply amazing and since I heard it was owned by a female, I got gingered to use it. Women are doing big things! Canva is not as basic as Word Swag but it is pretty easy to use. Canva comes with free templates and paid templates. So, all you have to do is edit the words and type yours. Voila! Easy right? The paid templates are not expensive either. They go for a dollar each. It is available on web and on iOS devices. You can also get the app free of charge.


I don’t use this one much but it’s another awesome app to use. It has lots of amazing features. To use photos, you have to be connected to the Internet unless the image is on your device. It has lots of fonts and you can tweak it as much as you want. Sometimes, after using any of the above apps, I send them to typorama and I try to be creative with it.


Go ahead and download and let me know what you think about these apps. Don’t just read. People become gurus by consistent practice. Be a pro graphics designer in a few minutes. 😄👌🏾

There are lots of amazing apps for graphics but these are my top three. I know Text Swag exists for android users but it’s not as awesome as Word Swag. Do you have any graphics app you think we should try? Let us know.

If you still don’t know how to design, it is a challenge and you should fill this survey . We will be glad to help you fix it.

I love to read your comments. 💋

Love and cheers.

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  1. Racheal

    August 9, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    Thanx for sharing this, it wil go a long way

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