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I was on my Suntan beach groove when someone sent me messages on whatsapp asking me questions about blogging. It dawned on me that I haven’t done any post on blogging. I will answer the young man’s questions as blog posts and I look forward to more questions from you.

Being a blogger is tasking and daunting especially as a newbie. At first it feels like the job is too much and it makes one want to give up. At least, that was how I felt when I started. How do/did you feel?

Overtime, I came across aspects of blogging and applications that have gone a long way to make the job easy and you do not need to study these skills. I will go ahead to share these with you.


This is one core aspect you have to study as a blogger. Nice pictures attracts readers and you don’t need to be a graphics designer to learn this. Well, you may need to know your colours and also how to use space but I promise you, it’s as easy as ABC. So instead of taking photographs from the Internet, I try to design mine on CANVA. Canva is a very popular application and it’s available on iOS and web. If you use android phones, TEXT SWAG should be able to help you design something beautiful. I use other apps but Canva is top on my list.


The possibilities for inspiration are endless. I mean, sometimes, my environment and experiences gives me something to write about. Content is king so you have to try as much as possible to give meaningful content that readers will always come back for. But if you are totally (as in, head block) confused about what to write, I always recommend Pinterest. Lots of Nigerians are yet to make good use of this app but it’s super lovely. It helps me as a lifestyle blogger. For those who report news and gossip, you will find Google Alerts and BuzzSumo very useful. Other apps you can use are Feedly and Bloglovin.


Sitting down always on the laptop or face down on my iPad pushing posts on social media is another hustle on its own. So, I schedule those links on days and time I want them up. I use Hootsuite for this purpose. You can also use Buffer. You can schedule your posts to go on social media (Facebook, Twitter and other apps) 6 times a day! Interesting right?

For Instagram, you use Later (formerly latergramme) but it doesn’t post automatically on Instagram. It just serves as a reminder and then you post manually.


Imagine being in a Lagos bus with all the jerking and in that condition inform that I want to write on paper. Heehehe. I laugh myself. I can’t go through that humiliation. So I use colornote to write down whatever comes to mind. The good thing about colornote is that you can also use it as a to do list app. Remember what I said about to do lists in this post? You can also get to use a colour that suits the post as you write. Little things like that freaks me.
Another resource that isn’t an app but is worthy of note is the Cassie Daves Blog planner. The blog planner has been designed to help blogging more interesting and easy. You can check it out here. No matter the kind of blogger you are, you should get one.

CassieDaves Blog planner-iModelAfrica

Did this answer your questions? I love to read your comments.

Love and Cheers.

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