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Why are you not making sales?

For you to be in business, you need customers who can exchange cash for the products and services that you offer.

Sadly, many small businesses do not make sales and are really struggling even with the few clients they have. I have heard all sorts of excuses as to why business owners can’t sell. I was also guilty. Are you familiar with ‘I am scared of selling’ or ‘I hate to sell’?

Let’s dive into the real reasons you are not making sales.


If you really want to make sales, the first thing you have to do is to work on your mindset. If you are guilty as I was, you need to stop saying things like ‘I hate selling’. It simply means you aren’t ready to make money. Making money is first a mindset before even the work. Once you say you hate selling, you naturally find yourself shying away from all the necessary moves you are supposed to make to earn you money. Do you want money? Start with your mindset.


If no knows you, no one will buy from you. With the presence of social media, you should leverage on all platforms to put yourself out there. Take advantage of the stories and live videos to increase your know, like and trust factor. Create content about your product and put it every day. Be consistent in your visibility strategy and in no time, you will be known as an authority in your niche. Once people begin to trust and like you, you will make money!

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Follower Up:

So many small businesses overlook this and lose so much money. Have you heard the saying that goes: “The money is in the follow-up”? When a customer buys, you should follow up. When they don’t buy, you should follow up still. Chances are that they don’t have the money at that moment, they may have forgotten to purchase, they just need to be convinced, they need to be sure about the seller. You will agree that it is not every time you come in contact with a product that you buy. It takes a while and that’s why big businesses spend millions of money advertising and retargeting. As a small business, you may not have the funds but you can leverage email marketing and social media platforms. Answer your client’s questions professionally, politely and promptly. Remind them when you feel like they must have exhausted your product. Send messages to them to remind that you exist. Give discounts to existing customers. Do a giveaway for new customers.

No relationship:

This is when all you care about is money. You always sell, sell, sell. Your audience will become tired of you and will simply overlook your messages when they see it.
Build a relationship with your customers and you will never have to beg them to buy from you. Appreciate your existing customers, celebrate their birthdays, ask them for a challenge they are facing even while using your products, offer a free service, celebrate them on social media, make them laugh, remind them of something etc. These are strategies that you can use to build a relationship with your customers and make sales when you want to.


Which of these are you implementing this week?

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