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How awesome can it be working in the midst of creatives? How beautiful can it be to be friends with colours, fabrics, tools? Well, I guess the answers are not far fetched.

The modeling industry is one big house of creative people working together to give a really beautiful result. Some photo shoots you see are really amazing and if you are told the kind of work that was put into it, you will not believe it. It is really different form that OLA OLU photographer by the street corner. There are different job openings one can fill in the modeling industry. A job in the modeling industry makes you more creative, gives you more exposure and of course more money in the pocket.

These creative job owners in the modeling industry are not specially crafted Angels. These set of people who have come together to create something beautiful are not just hand picked or probably you think they fell from the sky or as some say “they were born to do it”. No. They are people who have groomed themselves from time to time, have these skills as a job, passionate about it and of course they get paid. I’m talking cool money.

If you have one of these skills, I encourage you to harness it and be the best you can be.

1) Model: YES. You! I always like to put the models first because after all that is said and done, the model does the finishing job. We cannot do without you because you are the one who will finally deliver the message. We look on you to deliver properly whatever job you are given. For you to become a model isn’t too hard. Just a few harnessing and you will be just fine.

2) Makeup artist: these are the people who deal with colors that match our skin. They have the power to make you look younger, older, beautiful. They use different types of makeup to enhance one’s beauty. Thankfully, the makeup industry is rapidly growing and there are lots of makeup artists springing up. Each one with their different style and that’s what makes them unique. You can get a job working for an agency as their official makeup artist. It is better you have a chain connection of photographers, designers, agencies etc. This will enable you get jobs at different times if not all the time.

3) Photographer: The power of expression lies in the hands of the photographer. You can get a job with modeling agencies. They are most of the time called creative directors because all they need is to get the concept of the job and they give it their best shot. You can really earn good money, awesome adventure and incomparable exposure. Just think of you as a photographer shooting for Chanel or Armani. Do you understand what I mean now?

4) Hair stylist: I don’t know how many of us can make hairs looking like trees and all of those abstract hair styles we see in the magazines. Being a hair stylist in the modeling industry is way past being a pro at making ‘who is in the garden’ or ‘Bob Marley’. It entails knowing what fits and how to do it. It entails extra extra creativity. If you are in this category, make yourself known because the industry needs you.

5) Costumier : The Costumier is another big shot in the modeling industry. They are sometimes called the designers but I know the Costumier isn’t always the designer. It is also safe to call them stylists. The Costumier is the one that gets all that goes together from the shoe to the jewelry to the dress. The Costumier puts a lot into consideration when picking these items for a job. If you have eyes for abstract clothing, colors, sizes and you know how to match them well…you have gotten a job for yourself.

So that is the top job openings in the modeling industry. Your CV is simply your wealth of experience. If you think there are more job openings, we will like to hear from you.


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