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It’s one thing to build an email list and its another thing to know what to tell your customers, how to tell and when to tell whatever it is you have in mind.

So many of us have had our own fair share of heart-shattering feelings when you see your mail reported as spam or people unsubscribing. There is always that one or two persons but when it happens frequently, then there is a problem. It means you are doing something wrong. Sometimes, it means you should be happy. You don’t want to harbour people who are not your ideal clients.

As a business person or blogger, the essence of an email list is to follow up with your clients/customers or readers. You don’t dump them and then come out from nowhere to talk to them about buying from you. They will as well ignore you. It’s the reason you have to understand and figure out how often you will talk to them and what to tell them.

Just so you don’t fall a victim of ‘people unsubscribing spirit’, I want to quickly share with you 5 reasons your email will not be read.


Ever read something and the spirit of sleep falls upon you? That’s exactly how your customers will sleep off on your emails. They might not even get to open it. Your headline and body (message) have to be very catchy and interesting. So, you have to work on your copywriting skills in order for you to get your emails opened.


This is where your personality comes in. From your emails, one can tell your kind of person. I remember someone replied my email saying I always sounded like a happy person. I was grateful for that feedback because that was my goal and my message was passed! If your email was a person, who will it be? Let your readers feel you either emotionally or connect with your message. Either way, you have won their hearts.

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This is the most annoying of them all. People actually get pissed off when they receive a mail from someone they never subscribed to. NEVER make the mistake of importing emails from someone else. Also, NEVER make the mistake of sharing people’s email addresses with another brand either for sale or for fun. It is not professional. If people are giving you their email addresses, it’s because they trust you. To appreciate them, it is best you respect their privacy.


Like I said, sending out emails that keep reading buy- buy -buy 99% of the time is an email list on a suicide mission. When you get email addresses, add value to them. That’s why they gave it to you in the first place. So, for example, you sell medicine, send them emails giving them health hacks. Enlighten them on the dangers of certain meals we eat and affordable ways to stay healthy.etc

If you sell hair, tell us how to take care of our hairs. Tell us how to recognize fake hairs and original hairs. Tell us the essence of oil to our scalps. Make a video and send on the best way to go about combing our hairs.etc

Once you keep giving value, it is natural for people to like and trust you and of course, buy your product or service.


When you start sending emails too frequently, it starts to feel like that one guy/girl who keeps showing up unnecessarily and so you start building disgust. Don’t send emails too frequently. Study your target audience and figure out the kind of people they are. Figure out the best days to send out emails and just keep it minimal.

Every reason here also applies to bloggers who are looking to build a community.

Did you get value from this post? I will love to read your thoughts in the comment section.

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