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What a topic for Thursday, right?

I have been itching to talk about the wonderful time I had on Sunday. A typical day to rest but the thought of the hangout would not let me. Hanging out with amazing people is something I cannot miss! Ours is a special platform. It’s a platform where I get to meet new and interesting individuals who work a hundred hours to make ends meet. They are called creative entrepreneurs. I am not here to talk about the hangout but to tell you the importance of hanging out and why you should really tap into it.


Creative Enrepreneurs Hangout-IModelAfrica


You remember the saying, you attract your kind? Exactly, it helps you sit and interact with people of your kind. You learn more and share insights. My hangout is basically for creative minds. Yours might be for sports or motivational speaking. You cannot discuss bricklaying with a golf player. So sitting with your kind strikes a cord and increases interest, new topics and ways to get better. Hanging out with your kind opens your mind to a new perspective. You equally get solution concerning your field as quick as possible.


Whatever it is, it helps and shortens your learning curve. You can not know it all. So someone who doesn’t know what you know, gets to learn from you and vice versa. We all read books and see movies. So whenever we discuss, we share thoughts from books, movies and online researches. We discuss how government policies affects our businesses, our struggles and goals. We also get to find possible ways to list and stick to our goals every month.



Learning isn’t just enough but it’s important to build your network. For every new person you meet in your hangout, it’s a plus to you. Think of a way you can work together. That way, you will be tapping into each other’s network. Imagine meeting 20 new people who get to read my blog and they tell their friends about it. Amazing! The support system equally grows strong. You support each other whenever there is an event or a board game organized by one of you.


Creative Enrepreneurs Hangout-IModelAfrica


I found out on Sunday that we all had a similar way of having fun. It wasn’t planned but it was just us. We are looking forward to doing something together and I am so excited. Now, that’s a new family I found. Getting support, ideas, and eventually getting to have fun in the creative entrepreneur style is awesome. You also get to see that suit and tie person in another skin. It might be quite uncomfortable opening up your personality to someone totally new but it is totally worth it. At every level of comfort you get, you open a bit of yourself and even get to see a part of you that you never knew existed.


Hmmmmn. Tell me sweet something. Hahahahahahaha. I like this part because it helps you build a healthy lifestyle. Trying new food, new hangout spots, build interpersonal communication, new relationships, body language, answering questions, traveling, reading books, knowing a little bit of everything etc.. I could go on and on and on. The possibilities are endless. If you are a lover of quality, fun and people, you will love this part.

Make sure you participate in the vision board challenge. It’s starting on the 14th of March.

PS: Cheers to the hot heads I have around me… Deji, Lotanna, Ayo, Joanne, Chechi, Uju, Onyinye, Tomi, Tobi, Uche, Debomi, Segun, Juliet, Zainab, Kubi and Me.( forgetting me was mission impossible). They make a phenomenal group and we definitely look forward to meeting amazing people.

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