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Hey lovelies, hope you had an amazing weekend? I had to make this post because of a question someone asked me. He said he wanted to go into blogging but wonders how people make money from it. He was quick to ask me how I make money and how much I make. Let me say this before I get started. If you want to blog, you must learn to have patience. Why patience? Earning from your blog sometimes takes time. A whole lot of time. You have to keep putting out meaningful and interesting content to be be placed as an authority in your field, first.

Most people tend to look for quick money, so they write copy everything and anything. These days, that style doesn’t help much. Don’t ask me why.

So if you are looking for fast money, please don’t come near blogging. Linda Ikeji has done us a strong something and I know. Everyone wants to get a home in banana Island too. You will but you have to work first. So let’s head on to our original gist.

Affiliate marketing:

This simply means getting a percentage from sales initiated from your blog. Jumia and Konga are popular platforms that pay people for selling their products on their website. A lot of people make good money from this.

Direct ads:

This pay system involves a brand, company, institution, group, or even individual paying you to serve ads to your audience. You have to draft your advert rates and give your clients the advert cards when they request for it. There are usually different sizes of advert space and each one comes with its price.

Google Adsense:

I brought this one third because so many quick money bloggers have eyes on this one. When they hear Google pays in dollars and dollars is now high in Nigeria. Let’s go there!!!!! Lol. Wake up. This pay system also takes time because Google pays you for adverts being served on your site by them. They pay per impression and per click. You have to have a lots of viewers to be able to earn big from this. You can learn more about Adsense here.

Creating your products:

Niche bloggers always create their own products and sell to their readers. Your readers will actually buy if they see that the product will be of value to them. Cassie Daves makes a blog planner for bloggers, Sisi Yemmie from offers blog consultations and I make tshirts that rock for young stylish women. Some create events, books, courses etc. You can go on and think of a product that will be of value to your customers.


As a blogger, you can get paid to use products and give your thoughts on them. This one can be quite tricky because some people don’t give sincere thoughts on a product because they don’t want the brand to feel bad or because of the money paid. So if you can give sincere thoughts on products and you have a large following, brands will be willing to work with you.

Now that you know you can make money from your blog, you can go ahead to choose a domain name and start blogging today!

Hope these were really insightful? If you do have other ways of making money from your blog, share, share share!

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