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*yawns* Good Day to you all. Eku fuel scarcity to everyone. It’s really been a crazy week with all the fuel drama in the country. You know, It is funny how a single product can put a whole country to a halt. Our leaders are trying but they really have to step up their game. I wish the youths were at least part of the ‘decision makers’ but on the other hand, I fear the youths. As their eye dey red, they might invest our national treasury into Black Friday. Just joking. I am sure we will do better.

I took time to stroll and as I was greeting neighbors, they narrated their ordeals about the fuel scarcity and how it affected their lifestyle.

On my own part, I have been off here and that’s because the fuel scarcity affected me big time and PHCN did not help matters. I don’t know why I feel something fishy about no fuel and no PHCN service. They want us to be patronizing black market brothers or is it that PHCN didn’t have fuel too? Issorait.

I could not buy fuel anywhere. All the fuel meters in my area were Halloweened. I could not recognize them and the black market guys were missing. I think Thursday was the worse. So, no PHCN. No generator. All phones and laptops were off!

Did you notice transport fare increased rapidly? From New road to Ajah used to be N100 but the conductors were not smiling as they collected N200 and the funniest part is they don’t even hustle passengers as they used to. They were not begging anyone. Na you go stand tire. So, I respected myself and stayed at home. Thank God all the meeting I was supposed to have was put on hold.

Price of food stuff increased and people cooked less because there was no light to store anything. So you cook for that day and eat it all.

So many neat rumpled clothes and uniforms on the streets but who cares? Lol.

In this hot weather, people sell hot drinks and tell you there is no light to chill it and if they mistakenly use generator, you have to buy it twice the price.

I could go on and on about the effect of this fuel scarcity on Nigerians. I know some people are not affected but a greater number is suffering from this mishap. Even the so called big men in my area are even managing themselves because the economy is really poor and isn’t getting better.

I really miss the sound of the siren that tells us when power has been restored. 5 days of no light and counting.

Amidst all these, we have to keep pushing and remain happy. Please eat and drink lots of water while we keep watching our leaders in 4D.

Gladly, it has not stopped our shine. I know about the whole there-is-no-money story but I hope you spoilt yourself in the Black Friday game?

What is the situation like in your environment? How has the fuel scarcity affected your lifestyle?

Let me hear from you too.

Have a fueled weekend. 😘

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