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They are indeed beautiful lies stopping you from launching your business.

One of the easiest things to do when we set out to achieve goals is to give excuses. So many people give excuses as to why a plan they have cannot work. We focus on all the possible challenges and forget the beautiful future we get when it works.

I choose to call these excuses beautiful lies because that’s what they are.
The consoling thing is that you are not alone in this world of excuses as it happens to some of the best people you admire. Some of them have been able to totally subdue that excuse life because of constant practice and now executing is a lifestyle.
Below are some of the excuses we give ourselves as to why we cannot launch or succeed in our venture.

1) I have no time. I am married and I have a 9-5:

We have a lot of married women who are doing amazing things and changing the world in their own space. What’s stopping you? Children? You have to figure out the best ways to give attention to your children and still do your work. The world can’t come to a halt because you have children. It’s the same way you shouldn’t cut your dreams because of your children. They have their lives to live and you owe it to them to raise a standard.

2) I might fail:

We all failed at some point. But failing isn’t the problem here. I think rising is. A lot of us push ourselves to that failure zone out of fear. You condemn yourself and keep calling on the name of failure till it responds. In this journey, failure is your true test. It is inevitable and it is a must. So, you either fail forward or fail forever.

3) I have no friends who will support me:

It’s good you have no friends to support you because sometimes friends are killers of businesses. That is the hard truth. A lot of friends don’t know what it means to support a business. They want everything free and that’s not good for a business. The only friend you need is you and God. You have to be your own cheerleader and God your backbone. The friends will come. But the beginning of the journey has to be traveled alone by you.

4) I don’t have the money:

You don’t need the money to make a business come alive. You need a plan. A concrete one. All the businesses I ever handled in my life came to reality with just a plan. You too can do that. The best formula is to always start as small as possible and then slowly raise the bar. We make the mistakes of asking people for money. No investor or serious minded person will give you money to start a business you haven’t invested in. Do you have a plan? You have a business right there.

5) I am not good enough.

Have you ever heard that perfection happens in the journey? Exactly! When I started blogging and going into Social Media Marketing, I didn’t know what I was doing. I just thought it will be good to have some skills. I didn’t care if I wasn’t good at it. I learned, read, researched and taught people what I knew. I didn’t know I was building authority. That’s exactly what it should be for you. You can only be good enough when you start. Make your mistakes, take corrections, get your balance and keep growing.

6) I don’t think people will buy.

The fear of selling. We all have experienced this at some point in our lives especially if you don’t have the skill. Solution? Learn how to sell. There are over 7 billion people in the world. Some of them are on business yet they make sales. There is a market for everyone. It is very important that you have your own unique way of serving your clients so it doesn’t feel like what every other person is doing. The sky is big enough for everyone to fly. Your customers are waiting for you. Can you start already, please?
If you have any of these excuses and you need to talk to someone, send me a mail and we will take it up from there.

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