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When I started my journey as a blogger in 2015, I was clueless about what exactly I wanted to write about. Alright. Maybe not. I knew I wanted to talk to someone…people. At that time, I was swimming in my comfort zone which was modeling and so I started writing on model related topics. It included news, tips and other stuff.

I wanted everything to happen fast. I wanted the comments, social media shares, likes. I wanted everything. All I got was the inspirational words, the follow your passion talk, the blog consistently gist etc.

The journey for the last one year has been full of lessons that I won’t forget in a long time and it’s also something I want to pass on to other newbie bloggers.

1) It’s okay to be confused

You probably like to write and you are looking for a niche to explore this gift of yours. Start already. It’s fine to have scattered thoughts. It’s fine to be confused. It’s totally alright and that’s a beautiful phase to pass through. Not everyone is lucky to have clarity at the beginning. Some people have it all figured out at first but if you are not in that category. Go ahead and start with what’s in your head. However, work towards gaining clarity. It might take a while but understand that it’s a journey. Expose your mind. Read books. Study your environment. Find a problem to solve. I started out with writing for models but I knew I wanted more. I did a lot of study and research that landed me in writing for young female entrepreneurs today. Find yours!

2) Be patient

If you are not a patient person, please don’t consider blogging. If you don’t have 1% love for writing either, don’t bother at all. It takes a loooong time to build up an audience for a blog. So if you think the shares, comments, likes and all will come overnight..wake up! There are proven methods to build up your audience. Make your research and apply your findings. Feel free to test various things especially as a newbie. Bloggers who have lots of comments and shares have blogged for years…long years. They have paid their dues. Have you paid yours?

3) Blogging isn’t as easy as it seems

You see bloggers sharing love on social media, you see them go for events, you see posts and lovely graphics deigns and you are thinking “wow, what a lovely life”. It is lovely, no doubt. But there is a lot of hard work that goes into updating a blog and designing your graphics. Sometimes, you will suffer writers block for even as long as 2 months. The blogging struggles are real and you should not think it’s easy. Are you ready to face the reality?

4) Have a side business

It’s one candid advice to newbie bloggers. Don’t be deceived by the Google Adsense gist and then in your mind, you calculate the number of possible viewers multiplied by a dollar. Don’t be a Josephine. The blogging space is quite competitive and will take time to yield money. So if blogging for you is for profit, then you should have a side business. Most bloggers have physical products that they sell to their followers. Example T-shirts, hairs and wigs, creams, books and planners, clothes, shoes etc. Find the product that suits your niche and have it as a side business.

5) Be a special blogger. Have a voice

Some call it a niche. I call it a voice. Even if you are in a niche, what separates you from the rest? As you go on, find that spot where you can grow and fly like an eagle. Just like finding a niche, some people don’t find their voice in the beginning until much later in the journey.

6) Build your tribe from day 1

If I knew this, I would have had more than three thousand people in my email list. Your email list is where the money is. Funny but true. Have a resource you will give for free to anyone who drops by. People will get into your email list as long as you offer value and they are interested in what you do. Nobody told me this from day 1 and I wish someone told me how important this is. So don’t make that mistake. Take note.

I will also say to give value to get value. It is not enough to be a fashion, beauty, travel, photo or lifestyle blogger. People should be able to leave with one or two things whenever they visit your space. The other goldmine for me will be to network and do that a lot, online and offline.

So, what will be your own advice to a new blogger? Let’s talk.

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Hey She-boss! I am Joy (Ollie) and I am glad to have you here. I am a God lover who is dedicated to inspiring young creative women and living a fulfilled life. I hope you find my posts useful and don't forget to subscribe for more awesomeness! Thank you for reading!!!❤️


  1. Juliet

    November 5, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    Nice one Joy. I can relate totally with this post. The issue I am having is how to set up an email list. Please give me tips on that.

    • Ollie

      November 5, 2016 at 10:31 pm

      It is important you invest in your email list by creating products that will attract your audience and have them sign up. I will look into making a post and a worksheet for this. Thank you for reading.

  2. Niella

    November 5, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    Hmmmmm….. Patience ehnn…… Can’t be that over emphasize….

    I learnt the very hard way…

    It is DEFINITELY NOT EASY.. AT ALL….. Thanks Joy…. Email list…. Just hearing oooo..

    • Ollie

      November 5, 2016 at 10:32 pm

      Thank God you have heard it so you will work on it. EVERY business should have one (in my own opinion though) I will look into making a post and a worksheet for this. Thank you for reading.

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