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As a business man or woman, it is important to note the power of words. Words are tricky yet straight forward. They are powerful set of tools humans use to pave way for themselves or destroy themselves.

I experienced a little misunderstanding with someone because I used the word “assume” in a review I wrote for an event. While I was trying to pass a message, another meaning entirely different from the goal was read into that word. Apparently, that word pissed her off.

It’s the same with your business. There are words that you shouldn’t use as a business owner. I’m not asking you to go over your dictionary  or your primary books (you should if need be).  I’m only saying that some words portray you as who you really are not. No one is perfect, not even me but everyday is a new day to learn and stay away from anything that will take us far back.

Let your words be positive and classy. Make sure they are affirmative. Make sure it says well of your personality. Use words to bring things to life. So, let’s talk about words that may be the cause of your current situation.

1) Use ‘when’ not ‘if’:

It is not fair to want something badly and use “If”. It simply shows you don’t want it. The word ” when” shows certainty. It means you know what you want. It simply means you are bringing something that is non-existent into existence.


2) Use ‘affordable’ not ‘cheap’:

I learnt this one during my National Youth Service days. As we stood in the Secretariat waiting to sign our PV, a lady came to us with some perfumes. I remember standing with Damilola Nejo of The Presidential Hustle and Ibrahim Agboola. She wanted us to buy those perfumes and then she said “Please buy them. They smell nice and they are quite cheap”. At first, I saw nothing wrong in that statement but Damilola changed my mindset that day. He told her ” Oh nice. If they were affordable, I would have considered getting one. But since they are cheap, I can’t use them”. The lady didn’t even notice the switch of words. Apparently, they meant the same thing to her.

I had to ask him why he said that and he explained to me. He said there are some words that you can’t use when talking to people of value and the word “cheap” happens to be one of them. Cheap is considered not full of value. A better word to use if you ever want to be considered if affordable.


3) ‘Commit’ something not ‘free’:

This is the major struggle here. Everyone wants free. A popular saying in Nigeria says “Awoof dey purge belle“. A lot of us (especially small businesses) are not ready to commit to projects or personal development. We always look for ways to look for free. The truth is the ” Free fever” doesn’t make you look good. It is important that you commit something no matter how small. It makes you look credible and it sends a message to the other party. They see you as someone of value and then they understand that you would have done more if you were buoyant enough. But to come from the free zone might sound insulting. Some small businesses exchange services which is quite fine.


4) ‘Rest’ not ‘give up’:

These words are two different things that people tend to mix up. You rest after working for so long. This rest can range from 5 minutes to 2 years. Some people call it a break. But to totally dump your dreams because of frustrations and certain challenges are two different ball games. So, bear it in mind that rest is positive, giving up is negative.


5) ‘Slay’ not ‘play’:

Slay is another word I used to replace “Work”. Investing in personal development or things that will make you and your business is obviously a good slay. Smashing productive goals shows you are on top of your game. But to invest in unnecessary ” pepper them” gang gist, makeup and clothes, relationships that aren’t valuable is simply playing.


6) Option ‘A-Z’, not ‘A’:

When setting out on a venture, there are possibilities that challenges will come and failure might happen. It doesn’t mean that’s the end of the world. What you should do is to come up with other options to set the ball rolling. Don’t just have a plan A and B. Have a plan A – Z.


7) Find a ‘sister gang’not ‘alone or hate gang’:

So many of us are caught up in this hole of being alone. We give all sorts of excuses like being introverts, not being good enough etc. They are nothing but excuses. You should find a community of sisters to join. It helps you boost your self confidence, increases your networking skills, initiate collaborations etc.


8) ‘Do’ not ‘talk’:

Talking all day and never taking action. Have you come across anyone like that? I bet we all have. Stay away from having to talk about things you are yet to do and let the result of your actions talk for you.

An extra,

9) ‘Business’ not ‘busy-ness’:

Engage in productive activities that will help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams. You must be consistent ion doing this. Stay away from activities that don’t bring in returns.
Which of these words do you relate with?
Are there other words of doom you may want to add? Please drop them in the comments section.

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