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When is the right time to have change?
Have you ever felt like you just need to keep moving until you get it right?
For me, I have always changed career paths not minding the thoughts of people around me because as long as it is necessary, right, and positive… I go for it. I think that’s why people think I am into a lot of things at the same time. It just me finding my most fulfilling path.

My life as an entrepreneur hasn’t been much of a smooth journey but one thing is certain, it has opened my eyes and mind to things I never knew.

One thing I know about change is that it can be very uncomfortable and sometimes will require you go back to your drawing board and take a hard decision. It is in fact a lonely race. But once the race is done, you are sure to smile.

The journey that started in 2011 has indeed shaped me. From organizing fashion shows to running a model scout company to working on a hand bag line to running an online radio and now to my current change lane. Taking major decisions that will foster change can be difficult and scary but if we need it, then we should do it.

I took a major decision for iMA recently to release my cloth line and I must say that I have been excited about it even though I haven’t sold a piece. But I’m glad to see my products and I am making plans to stop staring and sell.

Sometimes, I try to tell myself that I am confused and will need the help of a entrepreneurship counsellor. But my consolation lies in the fact that it is a journey and I have come to believe that everything I am going through is nothing but life’s lessons. Life is happening. Life is teaching me. For anything you want to become, the first is to accept the call. Then you keep passing through phases. For every phase that you pass, you earn a ticket to the next phase. I will like to call it a responsibility chain.

In the end, it’s about what makes you happy and the impact your decision has in the lives of others.

Guys, I just made a new beginning. A new decision. I may not be doing much of model posts anymore. I will channel my posts to something more creative and more impacting. I am not saying modeling does less but there is a greater call.

I had put my hands in so much that I got myself confused and broke. I wasn’t even sure who my readers were. For once, I was scared about what people will say. I usually consult people before doing things but I consulted my God and my heart this time around. I recognised it as soon as I saw it. Hence forth, I will be writing for young female entrepreneurs- both style posts and blog tips. My lifestyle posts continues too. As time goes on, we will work on more contents to introduce to the blog. I feel like I have this happening already. It’s finally making sense!

Models, on a personal note, you can always meet me to talk about the sector and I will help as much as I can. (I have mad mad love for y’all). But love won’t pay the bills, strategy will.

This is new and challenging and I am ready to face it by God’s grace. I saw someone who did it. If she could, I can too. Thanks to her for the inspiration.

PS: It is not wrong to embrace change and you will be saving yourself and alot of people looking up to you.

One thing I have benefited from change is the fulfillment it brings afterward. Friends, life, and everything just gets different and better. This won’t be different.

I am off to regroup!

Love and Cheers.

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