My name is Joy Eneghalu and I am the founder of the iModelAfrica and Creative iMAN Platform. Before now, I used to be a young girl who felt she was on the right path to impacting lives and gaining financial freedom. At least, that was all I wanted. I started my business in 2011 (my first fashion show and it was a hit). I was pretty young and just got out of a heart-shattering relationship (teenage problems). I swam in fame and empty pockets though I was ready to give wealth another chance. The second event was great but not as beautiful as the first edition.
I was on the verge of organizing the third one in 2013 when everything came crashing. My team-mates were all gone, I had no sponsors, I was broke, I was everything not lovely that period. My mind was in its negative state though I tried to keep it strong. Since the event couldn’t hold, I decided to try something else.

To stay busy, I launched a thrift shopping business, became an affiliate for a T-shirt brand, but nothing was working. With shame in my eyes, I went home and went away from the Internet for about a year.

I started developing myself in ways I could. I became open minded. I thought I had it right and so, I got back again to launch “my next big idea”. I started an online competition for models because the goal was to cut cost. That didn’t go down well. I concentrated on blogging for models, launched my bag line, launched a tee shirt line, launched an online radio, almost launched a pap business, almost launched a photo stock website. ALL THESE DIDN’T WORK!

But I knew I had to get it right. I knew I had to go back to the drawing table. I had to tell myself THE HARD TRUTH.

In June 2016, everything became clear. I was more determined than ever. I was determined to take it one step at a time and doing things the right way! Everything began to pay off. I started tasting a glimpse of my dream life. My dream life is a life where I can travel, connect with a lot of people, learn on the go, do business from anywhere in the world and be financially free! And guess what? There is NO TURNING BACK.

I intend to use this space to inspire lots of young women out there. If you are a young lady in business who is trying to survive or facing challenges in any area of your life, then this is for you. If you are a young female entrepreneur seeking support in your business, then this is for you. YOU SHOULD LIVE DOING WHAT YOU LOVE SO IT DOESN’T FEEL LIKE A CURSE.

I want to help you gain clarity, just like I did. I did it alone and it took me 5 years to figure my life. It took me 5 years to study and understand business processes that can reward me financially. I want to help you get the support of other women so you don’t feel like you are alone in the struggle. I want to help you connect with other women so that we can build a strong support system. We can build our own army. We can be our own cheerleaders. We can make the world stand and stare at us because WE ARE AWESOME!

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IModelAfrica is a lifestyle blog. This blog started in 2015 as a way of inspiring young minds especially young creative women. It started as a model blog and later metamorphosed into a space to empower young women to use their creativity to be the best they can be and explore all that is in them. This blog is for career-driven creative women who want to live a beautiful and fulfilled life. I write for young women who are ready to dare to make their dreams come true.

 Joy Eneghalu

When I am not blogging or working on my business, I love to read, listen to music, think of the next phase to conquer or wander on Pinterest.

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