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Blogging is fun. Quote me anywhere. It makes you read a lot, improves your writing skills, improves your creativity and puts money in the bank (still mapping out ways for this) and the best part is that you get noticed. The internet space is really large so there is a spot for everyone.

I was at home when I got a notification on my phone with the title ” A shitty request” and I got interested in reading it. The subject was catchy enough for me to open it though my naija girl personality was ready to scream at who would be so rude to send me such a mail.

I opened the mail, clicked on the link and I could not stop laughing. Basically, they wanted me to fill a survey and pass it on to people around. I found the survey quite interesting and I thought I share it with you guys.

Ordinarily, I should not have filled it especially this period my head is all about meeting the ladies for the hangout. But on a second thought, why not? Someone noticed me enough to send a shitty request. It wasn’t spam. The best I could do was to say thank you for noticing me by filling it. Been waiting for some weird thing to happen (naija instincts) but I’m here living my life.

You know how it felt with your name on the coca cola bottle? That was how I felt.

It’s good to share happy moments, so fill it and have a good time laughing. Don’t forget to share it with your friends too. Tell me if you find the survey form funny too. Here is your ticket to fun!

As always, love and cheers.

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