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Beauty DIY – Make Your Own Coconut Oil

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Here is to the ladies who would like to add the super Coconut oil to their makeup list. Coconut oil is a versatile natural beauty product used by many in skin, hair & personal care, oral hygiene (ever heard of oil pulling?) and even for cooking and is made using a few different methods.

Personally, I use coconut oil in my natural hair care and skin care routine as the oil contains natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefits and highly moisturizing properties among other benefits.

Though coconut oil is easily accessible to many, some may find it more difficult than others to get their hands on it and some do not even know the benefits. So today, I will be saving the latter group a lot of hassle by sharing our easy homemade recipe for making coconut oil.

How To Make Coconut Oil

You’ll Need:

  • Brown Coconuts (how many depends on the quantity of oil you want to make)
  • Cutlass or cleaver knife
  • Sturdy kitchen knife
  • Blender
  • Chopping board
  • Sieve
  • Refrigerator
  • Filter paper or cheesecloth
  • Jar


Filter Paper

Filter Paper


Sturdy Knife

Sturdy Knife


Cheese Cloth

Cheese Cloth



1. Break open the coconuts with cutlass or cleaver knife (be careful!). You can do this the normal African way of breaking it on a hard surface.

2. After the coconuts have been broken, cut out the fleshy white part into bowl with sharp knife (or a sturdy spoon).

3. Grate the fleshy pieces. If using a blender, chop cut pieces into smaller bits, put in the blender and blend.

4. Add in a little water to ensure that coconut blends more smoothly.

5. Place filter paper or sieve cloth over jar.

6. Pour blended mixture onto filter paper or cheese cloth, a little at a time so the fluid goes into the jar and the flesh is filtered out. With a cheese cloth you can squeeze out more.

7. After all of the liquid has been sieved into the jar, close and leave in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. This process allows for the oil to split from the liquid.

8. When the waiting time is up, scoop out the whitish curd which will have formed during sitting period to reveal the coconut oil.

9. Store your coconut oil in refrigerator for personal and home use.




This coconut oil making method is the Cold Press Method as it is made with no heat. This allows the oil to retain more of its natural health benefits, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Do note that the process of making coconut oil though relatively inexpensive requires patience and is a little time consuming and there are other methods of making coconut oil.

Would you ever try your hands at making homemade coconut oil? if you have, share your tips in the comments.


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