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People see no reason why they should have accountability partners especially startups. I am of that school of thought that it is every important to have someone you can report to and someone one who can look you in the eye and tell you the damn truth. Your accountability partner can be a mentor, friend, relative or even someone you respect but the person should be able to follow up and listen to your challenges, come up with solutions and ways to make your business better. Let’s look at the benefits of having an accountability partner.


Having an accountability partner who knows wasup is experienced and has vast knowledge in business is key. She helps you build smart goals that are relevant to your business. She also gets to tell you what works and what doesn’t work. Remember, she isn’t there to set goals for you but to direct you on what to do. You remember the old adage “Two heads are better than one”



Now because you have declared these goals, you will take them seriously. You have dared to dream and bring them to life. Now daring to declare these goals will motivate you to work hard towards getting results. You don’t want to be seen as an unserious person or someone who gives up easily. You will do all you can to get results. That’s one beautiful thing about having someone to report to.

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While it is cool to have a friend as your accountability partner, please make sure it is a friend who will tell you the truth. Someone who is straight forward and knows what she is doing. You don’t want to have a joker as an accountability partner because it will tell on you and your business. You might not even have the motivation to work on your goals. You should enjoy constructive criticism from your accountability partner. Not only will the person tell you where you went wrong but also give you practical ways to fix or face the challenge. If you don’t like to be criticized, you might as well stay off from having an accountability partner at all.
NOTE: Please stay away from accountability partners who always see the bad side, no positivity and are always looking for ways to remind you of your mistakes. An accountability partner who doesn’t tell you the truth won’t help either. They will do you no good.
Now some of us are very good at our goals that we can even hold ourselves accountable and that is awesome. But, it is still very important that you get an accountability partner. You might need some help anytime, any day and you have someone by you who will assist. The best part is that you can also teach and help your partner too. You can have more than one accountability partner though I recommend 1-3.
Do you have an accountability partner? What’s your relationship like? Go ahead and leave your comments below.

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