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We bought our generator last year and since then we have been using it. The generator is really of high quality and it powers virtually everything in the house. It powers the pumping machine, refrigerator, iron, my sisters industrial sewing and weaving machine, etc.

Few days ago, the generator started having serious issues. It wasn’t coming on steadily and sometimes it just doesn’t come on. We were scared of getting someone to fix it because the generator isn’t like the regular generators we see around.

So, we talked to a neighbour and he got someone for us. At first, I wasn’t comfortable with how he started loosing the generator. I doubted his expertise instantly. But along the way, I found the young man interesting. Here are some lessons I learnt from him.


1) No knowledge is lost:

He mentioned that he already left the generator business and was into construction. But he had to come since our neighbour already pleaded with him to come fix it. It was an extra cash for him. Whatever skill you have learnt is not lost. It might earn you your next million. We never know.

2) Professionalism:

I watched him as he loosed every part of the generator. I held the light for him since there was no light. He mixed all of the knots and I wondered how he was going to fix the generator. He even confessed that he had not seen that kind of generator before but guess what? He did it. He figured it needed servicing. He cleaned the necessary things and coupled everything neatly. Be good at whatever you do. Be so good that you can never be replaced. I have told him that as long as he lives and breathes, he will be the one to fix my generator. No other person!

3) Honesty:

He said ” Madam, money no dey generator business. Na dubious people dey make money from am. Dem go just come here tell you anything wey them like and dem go chop your money. But I no dey like that. I thought it was one of those self defence speeches but really he was different. It was dark but I saw the truth in his eyes and I heard it in his voice. He mistakenly took our brush home and he returned it the next day. My people, I am amazed. All the people we have worked with has stolen from us one way or the other. I cannot forget the one that stole our WC. We had to buy another one. You should try to be honest to your clients. It will do you a whole lot of good.

4) Customer service/experience:

I enjoyed every bit of his stay in my house. We were hosting while he worked. He told me of his religious background and also about how skilled he is. He said he has about 5 skills. He went ahead to ask me what I did for a living. I told him and he encouraged me. I was amazed. After fixing the generator, he advised me on the best oil to use so that my generator will last longer. Do your customers find you interesting? Do they love how you serve them? Do they crave for you? Or are you just giving them the usual experience.

I have always met artisans that are nonchalant and careless about their jobs. Some even steal your tools or charge you so much and offer less. I was ready to pay this guy any amount he mentioned.

This applies to your business too. Give your clients or customers the best. That experience they will have with you will never be forgotten. They will refer you and may even want to add more cash for you just because you made them happy.

Everything I learnt from that man, I will also implement in my business. I hope you will too?

What’s your experience with Artisans? Good or Ug-Lee?

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