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Being a model for some people is a part time job and for others, a full time job. Whatever part you have chosen, bear in mind that you can also delve into other things for exposure, fun, as a hobby, fame, money, self development etc. So I picked 5 top careers or jobs that you can enjoy as a model.

Fashion designing: This one might seem a lot easier considering the fact that fashion has a close tie to modeling. Some models have grown beyond just being in the runway. They have also invested in their love for fashion and the skill of designing. You too can take that path. With your level of experience in the run way and proper mentorship, you can only soar high. I remember back in the days as students, I used to know this beauty queen as a model and model agent but today she runs a clothing line. Cheers to Ramore by Kay. You can check her out on Instagram.

Acting: I do not even need to say much on this one. Modeling on its own is acting. Yes, it is. It involves wearing a character and passing the message. Acting on the other hand involves script writing and of course some stage techniques that should not be hard to learn. As a model and with your skill, you can have a career in acting. With your good looks, nice voice, polished intonation ( not forming oyibo o), a good memory for reading and remembering and excellent delivery, you can start a career in acting. I also have examples here like the winner of Mr Ideal Nigeria, Abayomi Alvin has featured in a couple of movies including the calabash currently airing on TV. Read about him here.

Styling: I won’t say styling is same as designing but there is a similarity. Fashion. The love for good appearance and knowing what fits. You can get yourself here too. Studying fabrics, styles, shoes and accessories can sound like a huge job but you can get yourself styling jobs with big shots and earn your cool money. Ramore is also into styling.( I think she offers a full package service).

Photography: Of all types of modeling, photo modeling is my favorite. My love for photography led me into trying little stuff. Visit my Instagram page, @imodelafrica_ and you will see a couple of nature photographs I took. Now you can get yourself there too. The thought of getting a professional camera might be crazy but I suggest you start off with your phone. If you get a phone with a good camera, you start practicing and with time you perfect your skills and find a niche for yourself.

TV Presenting: Lots of models have had the chance to present TV shows. An example is Uti Nwachukwu. Asides strutting the runway, he also makes a living from TV. You can also perfect your skills and get a career for yourself.

There are quite other skills and jobs one can do. Writing, singing, dancing, health coaching, hair making and styling, fitness coaching, etc.

How long do you intend being a model? What is your retirement plan? What is your multi income stream plan? What do you have passion for? Start now. Be a smart model.

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