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Check Out This ‘gay’ Sweater

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People keep saying, “that’s so gay,” in that uncomfortable, insulting, and linguistically bankrupt way. So because it’s Toronto Fashion Week, the Canadian Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity has created a sweater that everyone is allowed to call gay without being a raging jerk hole  It’s an off-putting looking sweater made from the donated hair of more than one hundred gay people, hence the accurate label inside, “100% gay.”

Let’s run through some of the aspects of the hideous sweater made from beautiful people for this beautiful project. The rainbow buttons are very Marc by Marc Jacobs circa 2007, but other than that, each band is made of the head hair from one donor. Crafty women knitted all the hair together. It looks extremely uncomfortable and icky, but it could pass mohair if you’re squinting.

On the street, it worked as effective conversation bait when a comedian got people to admit how they misuse the word “gay.” Hopefully they’re all so thrilled with their new knowledge of the gay experience that they can expand their vocabulary. The sweater was a lot of work compared to how easy it would be for people to switch up their word for stuff that’s bad.

Watch the making of the sweater below. The best part of the whole deal is the fake ginger donor who says, “Find a different way of saying that because gay’s taken and it doesn’t mean anything negative.”


Link: https://youtu.be/DFTIeEUcRo4?t=84



See photos of the sweater. Meanwhile, Would you rock it?gay sweater 2gay sweater 3gay sweater 4gay sweater 5
gay sweater

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  1. Phoebe.

    March 26, 2015 at 10:03 am

    nah..i won’t. in my country, the weather doesn’t even accept that. gay or not.

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