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So, if you read about my experience at Ibadan, you would have read that I also attended the Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum. It was amazing and I got to meet bloggers, again! This time, not just bloggers from Lagos but bloggers residing in Ibadan. The event was held at Mauve lounge and I must say it was so beautiful. The painting, the aesthetics, the lights, the music, the bloggers …everything was perfect!

This post is about the gifts I got from the event. I must say I loved everyone of it. It has natural hair, facial and makeup products. If I was a beauty blogger, I probably would have done all the senrenren they do. Lol. I tried doing it and I hope I tried (covers face)

So let’s talk about them briefly one by one.

Ewami- Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum

It was not surprising seeing the Ewami essential park in my goody bag but I took particular interest in what it contains. One would mistake it for a regular facial wile but it read “cleansing grains” for al skin types. I honestly haven’t used it because I am still bringing myself to use it on my face it when I do, I will definitely tell you the results.

Cold Wave Rods- Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum

I had finished snapping when it dawned on me to have brought out the content. I told you I’m learning so bear with me. I particularly love this one because of my natural hair. It used to achieve lovely curls and I will also take a photo of my hair and the results gotten with this cold wave rods.

Moringa- Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum

Honestly, I was told this is Moringa. I’m yet to figure out how to use it. If it’s for hair or face, fine. But for my mouth, I will need some sweet subtle way to take it because Moringa has its way of turning me off. So, research is still going on on this.

BM Pro- Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum


Can I scream telling you how lovely this lipstick is? Lipsticks are my favourite thing when it comes to make up and so I was glad seeing this. I already used it and the first thing I noticed was its lovely scent. Super lovely!!! It’s quite smooth on the lip and sticks so well. I blended it with a purple liner I also got from the forum and it was amazing.

Purple liner- Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum

This is the Airwoman lip liner I used with the BM Pro lipstick. Beautiful.

Brooch- Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum

I also got this nice Rhymat Clothier brooch. I love the idea of the brooch.

Eye liner- Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum

Finally this lovely Classic eye liner. It’s a two sided eyeliner. A waterproof and solid. The good thing is that it lasts and it came quite at the right time. I also got a silk cover cap for my natural hair. I love love love my goody bag!

So there you have it! If you are an Abuja blogger, CAG is coming to your neighborhood this December. Follow @coloursandgrey on Instagram for more information.

Whats your FAVOURITE gift from everything listed?

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  1. Chiamaka Amabay

    November 14, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    The eye pencil and eyeliner…… If there was an ’emergency’ and I could only save two items in my make up kit; there they are

    • Ollie

      November 15, 2016 at 2:20 am

      Great pick. I think the eyeliner will also be my pick. I will need it to draw that winged cat eye! Thank you for reading dear.

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