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It has really been a busy year for us at iModelAfrica. It is a dream come true for us. Looking back at the struggles, up and downs, the good and bad moments…we can only smile and say “Yes. Thank God we did it”.

It’s the end of the year and all this couldn’t have been possible without the support and love you have shown us. For reading our posts, participating in all of our programs, for your calls and messages, for your encouragement, we say a big THANK YOU!

We appreciate all Models who have put in for the Mobie Challenge. It is only about two months old and the response has been amazing. It feels good to see models who know what they stand for and are ready to fight for it. We can’t wait to see new lovely faces

All our crushes, you all are amazing. You know, the original idea was just to applaud the good looking ones. But man proposes, God disposes. Somehow, (I don’t know how), he made it a forum to applaud those who sleep late, who think out of the box, those who wake up early, those who are ready to serve, those who are creative, those who against all odds have stood for what they believe in. We can’t deviate. When the master leads, we simply follow. You all are worth crushing on. I look forward to meeting and connecting with amazing geniuses in the new year.

We cannot start mentioning names but we thank all sister blogs who have remained loyal. We thank all supporters, friends, critics, and those who feel the modeling career is a joke. You all put us on track.

It is a new year. A new hope. A new season. A new life. A new style. A new grace. A new beginning.

To this, we are open to working with you. This opening will last until the 31st of January. Details of vacancy will be posted soon.

We are also glad to inform you about our online radio which we will be launching soon. The date and time of broadcast will be made known. So please, brace up for the new thingy in our midst. As you can see, a tab has been created for it. You can as well check it out.

It is the end of the year and we hope you are ready! We are very much excited and look forward to a more blessed, stress free and productive year.

It is our prayer that you all live to see the new year and live in grace and prosperity.

Compliments of the season.


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