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In recent times, lots of young girls and boys crave to be a beauty queen or king. They crave to win pageants not knowing or trying to find out what it takes. In as much as its a beauty pageant, your looks isn’t all that is judged. Your clothing, carriage and intelligence compliments your looks. This does not apply to all pageants as organizers have found and are still finding different sides to the game. 

I have had people call me to assist them with costume renting and actually what will look better on them. If you are to apply for any beauty pageants, there are some basic clothing you should watch out for. This also depends on the contest you are going for.

Without wasting your time, I will like to tell you what you are expected to be dressed in. Every pageant has about 6 outings. That is the maximum.

1) Introductory dance: This is usually a tradition in most pageants. The contestants are usually trained to display a choreography. This helps the audience know them and it is a platform for every contestant to write his or her name in the hearts of the audience. Dance well, smile and do not over do it! 

2) Bikini wear: This is the wearing of your swimsuit. For girls, usually in one piece or two piece or whichever design it is. For the guys, it is the pants. Some organisers have people already make these things so that every one appears uniformed. But if they don’t, it is required that you bring yours. The issue of our culture setting in has been a problem as some parents do not buy the idea of exposing one’s body to a thousand audience and some contestants find it quite uncomfortable. So some pageants don’t actually feature this while some still do.

3) Casual wear: This outing entails wearing a casual clothing. More like your everyday clothing, English attire. It could be trousers, skirts and tops, gowns . Whatever the case maybe, make sure you keep it simple, realistic and neat.

4) Talent showcase: Some pageants incorporate this talent showcase in their routine. This is expected to display the talents of every contestant. It could be acting, singing, dancing, etc.

5) Traditional wear: This is the display of different cultural groups and attires by the contestants. It is also one of the core dressings in a pageant. The contestants are usually expected to give a little talk of about 30-60 seconds about the culture they represent and what every part of the attire means. It helps the judges and audience know that you actually know a lot about your clothing and the culture you represent.

6) Dinner wear: This is usually the last outing and last dress for every pageant. The contestants are expected to look gorgeous, elegant, graceful, beautiful. The guys are to wear their suits and the ladies on a very lovely dinner gown. I personally love to watch the ladies because they always steal the show with different materials, styles, makeup, shoes and other accessories. It is during this time that the contestants are asked questions or as the organisers so wish. Whether you get the questions right or wrong, you should always put on the best costume…your smile.

So if you are preparing for a beauty contest, you would love these tips and make sure you win. Lol

If you had an experience as otherwise stated, please share. We would love to hear from you.


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