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I was discussing with a business consultant in a reputable firm here in Lagos and he said a lot about knowing what you want, knowing your place and also what to do to get to the top. I learnt a lot from the discussion. I woke up this morning to a question from a lady on how she can get ushering jobs. I almost replied “na by magic“. I asked if she had attempted modeling before and I got the expected answer, “NO”. Well, the long and short of everything is that the lady obviously did not know her place and what to do to get to the top or the level of getting ushering jobs. There are so many models who confuse their level of competence when it comes to modeling. Now, let me say that as a model if you are expecting to land 1 million warefa on your first job or land a big job, wake up!!!!. Modeling is not a voodoo job. I always say that your first job starts with you.

With these FOUR categories, you will know your place and then enjoy your journey to the top.

1) ASPIRING: These are the people who long and wish to be models. The ones here have not attempted any jobs. They admire the art. If you are in this category, you are not lost. You only have work to do to get to the next level. The ones here are sometimes confused and can easily get the notion that it is impossible to survive in the modeling industry. Well, brace up brothers and sisters, modeling is not as bad as you think. It is not bad at all.

2) AMATEUR: These models are yet to explore the modeling world. The exposure and experience is yet to come for them. Most models in this group prefer to launch into their career via beauty contests. The difference between this group of models and the former is that they have at least been groomed or trained. They must have gotten their portfolios and composite cards ready. They must have at least worked for one person, paid or unpaid. This group have to package appropriately to get to the next level. Till you swing into action, you are not a model yet!

3) WORKING: If you are here, please do not raise your shoulders high yet because there is still a lot for you to achieve. But then, you can give yourself two rounds of applause. The working models are experienced to an extent. A lot of models are in this stage and they always think “I don hammer”. Most models here are also freelancers. They do not necessarily belong to any agency. The best ways to get jobs are via agencies though the problem is that a lot of agents are not what they claim to be. The models here are likened to “hustlers”. They have at least done jobs though not a lot. They have been paid but probably in peanuts. Being in this stage is not easy, but if you are here do not give up. You cannot come this far to stop. Keep pushing. Spread your tentacles to other forms of modeling, you never know the one that might pay off. A lot of models, I know in this stage, are mostly actors and they are doing pretty cool. So why can’t you?

4) PROFESSIONALS: These are the gurus. The ones referred to as the “super models”. They know their onion well and have fought hard to get here. The models in this category have done lots of jobs in various types of modeling. They have the skills, money, fame, great personality. They are open to whatever improves and develops them. They are very professional in every way. The journey to this category starts with a decision and the courage to go through whatever comes your way. Most of them are under an agency or own one.

I hope this article helped you a lot. Feel free to comment below and let us know your opinion. Do not forget to share this posts with any model you know.


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