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Just before you start planning for your composite card, there are certain things to consider. Your composite card is more of a business card; therefore, it should be taken seriously. The quality of your composite card matters a lot to agencies and clients, thereby you should avoid anything shabby. Your composite card is a body of quick details about you. It is a first impression tool and you should give it your best shot.

Below are details you should have on your composite card

  • Asides the quality of your photographs, you should determine what kind of layout you would like to use. Your layout should be simple and it should accommodate a head shot and about 4 other photographs so as to show variety. Use a tick card when printing so it can last long. The standard size of a composite card is 8 ½ by 5 ½.
  • Your composite card MUST contain your measurements. Measurements like :





Dress size

Shoe size

Eye colour

Hair colour.

  • Your composite card should carry your head shot in the front of the card and at the back should be the 4 photographs with your measurements. If you are a freelance model, you can add your email and phone number so you can be contacted. But if you are going through a model agency, you should avoid putting your email and phone number as agencies will not be able to use it.

Remember your photographs have to be catchy with different looks and should be beautifully captured. I wish you a job soon.



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