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We all have that one thing that drives us crazy about our jobs. It varies and for SeamplySylvia, it’s fabrics. She had a host of other things to choose from ranging from needle and thread, sewing machine, reeler but she she chose fabrics.


Under the really scorching sun (never knew the sun could bite so hard), we went on fabric hunting and I went readily prepared. No makeup, No big bags. Yaba axis was our best bet but I couldn’t help but notice a lot of things. I have always known Yaba market to be a hub where you can get anything. I just never had the chance to explore as much as I did yesterday.


I will start with the most annoying marketing strategy. The idea of touching, holding, tapping a woman’s hands or body simply because they wanted her attention was urrrrrrgh (hold me before I tear my face) lol. I remember one of them walking down the rail line with a woman and just as we were passing, he touched my hands comfortably like he knew me. I turned back to look at him and the dude kept walking like everything was alright. Oh my World!


I wonder how these guys cope with themselves. I wonder if they are in the business of selling wares or in the business of touching women. And to think that those Abokis now have guts. They have grown to accept these annoying marketing strategy our Igbo brothers came up with.


The other annoying thing is the way they keep talking to you even when you say “I no dey buy“. You just keep hearing “Sister, I have skirt, tops, crazy jeans“. Really? Just when you are recovering from that one talking almost into your mouth, the curtain guys will come up. Chai. Yaba market is not for any serious Ajebo o. The person might just cry out loud in frustration.


I remember an Aboki saying something like “Go l’uche“. I felt he had said it maybe because he felt I was Igbo and that was his own marketing strategy. I had to rethink and reframe it in my head and then I realized he said “Gold Chain”. 😐

Funny thing is, these things works for them. Persuasion.


SeamplySylvia was busy scavenging with her eyes. Searching for materials. I had to ask her how she knew a material was right and she simply said “expression”. “Colours, texture, prints, sketches determine a lot of things and I try to get materials that will express just the message I am trying to pass“. Awesome stuff, I thought.


The beauty and essence of passion can never be over emphasized. Well, we went ahead to get lots of fabrics for her next expression jobs. Y’all should watch out. And oh…the feeling I got being in the midst of those fabrics was great. I felt like falling into them and just play away. That’s some cartoon stuff, right?


Shout out to all tailors and designers out there. You guys go through a lot to make us nice dresses, even under the hot sun that has no chill.


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Have a wonderful sunday. 😘

Love and cheers.💋

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