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Facebook is a beautiful platform that has been so kind to allow us to present ourselves in an appealing way.

Sadly, I see a lot of accounts that get it wrong and they shoot themselves in the leg. What do I mean? You are the reason you have no leads. You are the reason people don’t take you seriously. You are the reason people don’t deem it fit to seek your advice as an authority in a field.

Okay, Joy. So what do we do?

Good question!

Your picture:

I changed my profile picture and I noticed a drastic change in people’s way of approaching me. I started getting the ‘ma’ when people speak to me. Your profile picture says a lot about you. Visit a studio today and take a proper photograph.

Your cover photo:

If you are a business person, your cover photo is a beautiful way to tell what you do. Again, people use it wrongly by putting unnecessary photos or photos that don’t fit. Canva or Desygner are amazing apps that can help you design a good Facebook cover. You won’t have to memorise the size or start from the scratch. Make sure the photo is clear and is almost plain or with few words.

Your bio:

This part gives me heart breaks because a lot of people get it wrong. You see profiles with “Works in self-employed” “Entrepreneur” or even “I am that girl you want to know. I hate pretenders”… Who cares? Really?

As a business person, it is important that you create a profile that someone will take seriously. Do you know that people now go through bios before accepting a friend request? I can tell you for sure because I do it and I know so many amazing individuals who don’t just accept. The old method used to be sending messages asking that your request is accepted but not anymore. You should have your web link or work email or even a lead magnet.

Below is a snippet of what my bio looks like.

Facebook Profile - Joy -iModelAfrica

The ultimate part is your content. No one wants a disease on their timeline. I appreciate healthy contents because it means a healthy timeline as well. So, it is important that you create a healthy content and consider it as a way of adding value to your friends and followers.

I came across a formula to help you easily come up with a perfect Facebook bio that gets appreciated.

I am a (who are you?). I help (target audience) do (state problem) so that they can (benefit). 

Your bio should be clear, simple and attractive. Go ahead and use the formula.

Do you have a takeaway? Let me hear it.

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