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Volunteering is beautiful. Yes. It is. For me, it is an amazing way to give back to the society. Dedicating your time and resources trying to make life beautiful for people and the community. You know it’s also one of the things on my life’s to do list or bucket list. I was so glad volunteering for the TESS Foundation. I looked forward to it with everything in me. I knew I wasn’t going to let it slide as I let other activities. It was also a great way to start the month of August.

They organized a summer camp for kids (or so I thought). It was first time volunteering and I didn’t have the lovely experience I looked forward to. Lots of networking, engagement, food, a blend of stress and fun… You know?

A lot happened and I will rather not talk about the odd happenings because they gave me the opportunity to meet kids from Modupe Cole Orphanage home. Awww. Those kids are blessed. I was amazed to my bone marrow.

My First Volunteering Experience 2 - iModelAfrica

Most of them could not talk. Some were on the wheelchair. I couldn’t even count all that because they were all lively. They were in their own world. They created happiness. They didn’t have it all… Money, cars, houses, family, great food, but every smile showed gratitude that at least they lived.

I wondered what was going on in their heads. I watched how innocent they behaved. They didn’t have a mind of their own. Their care takers did the whole thinking for them.

The principal explained that some of them were bed ridden, we didn’t go in to see them though.

My First Volunteering Experience 3- iModelAfrica

The foundation bought lots of gifts, biscuits and drinks for them, oh! It felt like they had just seen fried rice! They were so glad. I remember sipping on my happy hour drink when one of them walked up to me and took it away like she owned it. It was odd for a second but on a second thought, I can always have these things right? I won’t have to wait for someone to bring drinks in cartons before I have them.

My First Volunteering Experience - iModelAfrica

I looked at them and once again, I thanked God. I didn’t need anyone to think for me, I have a great family that loves and support me, I have food, I have friends from all over the world, I didn’t have to wait for people to contribute celebrate birthdays or special occasions for me to get gifts.

God is great. Please pause a second and thank him.

I also got to meet a few lovely people.

Though things didn’t go as planned and I was totally lost in all the movements. It didn’t feel good. I hope they do it better next time though I look forward to working with another organization entirely.

This has only spurred me to look for better volunteering opportunities.

PS: The pictures are not available yet, so when they are, I will update the post. I just had to write something before it becomes a stale gist.

How was your own first experience? Which organization did you work with? Please share.

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