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Haloooooooooooo. This is what the spirit of food does. Keeps me alive and happy. I used to dread trying new things especially food. as in, if I have never eaten it, it can’t enter my precious hole mouth. This used to be a Purple room page where we talk and discuss but I was discussing with myself . lol

I decided to turn it to a food category where we can talk food. Not like I will cook o but whenever I go out and try new sturlvs and new spots, amma let y’all know. I will give my honest review as regards taste, service, environment and price. If I cook in my house and it feels good to share, I will. If not, I will keep my spoon and unskilled skill to myself. lol.

If you have a lovely spot you feel I should try, kindly let me know. Just mail to imodelafrica@gmail.com with FOODIE as subject.

So get ready for some salivating and get ready to try new sturlvs too. I am on some Falz The Bad Guy fings. Tainx to fooooooood.

You are welcome.


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