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It’s the first post in the month of July and I hope it’s still safe to say “Happy New Month” to everyone. July started on an awesome note and I intend to keep the positive vibes going high and high. My article on things female entrepreneurs can relate to appeared on Bella Naija and I was so happy and grateful. It felt good having written down goals accomplished. This has been on my to do list and has finally been checked. We can’t afford less, innit?

So, remember I told you here that I have lots of love for the fashion world and all of the creativity that happens there. So, I came across an event that we might be interested in as female entrepreneurs. We deserve some vacation and sight seeing. We also should take ourselves on some lovely treat. I chose to talk about it because it’s happening in the month of October so we have ample time to plan, prepare and make some money.

Getbaffs is a new lifestyle platform with a vision to bridge the gap between fashion brands and retailers. If you are in the fashion business, this will benefit you greatly unlike some of us that will go to connect and make purchases. As a fashion entrepreneur, you will get to interact with local and foreign brands at the event, you get first hand information on market demands and trends (we always like to be the first), and you have access to a large market. Interesting, right?

The event is set to hold at the International Convention Centre, Calabar from the 13th to 15th of October, 2016. I am so excited about it because this will be an opportunity to explore new environment (travel goals).

This exhibition will attract a lot of people both home, abroad, made in Nigeria brands and it is exclusive to fashion brands, retailers, curated enthusiasts and press representatives.

Getbaffs is organized by Sluxia LLC.and the goal is to connect creative fashion marketers/designers, retail buyers and strategists to conduct and improve business capacity in a conducive business environment.

So, start planning towards this fashion event if you can. Like I said, you deserve a vacation and a treat for all the work you must have put in this year. Let me know if you can make plans of attending, we might just go together.

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