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TedX Ikeja is an event I jumped on as soon as I got to know about it. It’s not the only Ted event that happens in Nigeria or Lagos but it’s actually my first. So, I was really delighted attending the event. All that I have been watching on phone, I was hoping to experience and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. It happened on the 8th of October at Davids Court, Ikeja.


In case you don’t know what Ted is, it is a conference for sharing ideas that’s worth changing the world. Ted global has had lots of prominent people from all over the world come to speak. The topics range from various sectors. You should download the Ted app on your device to have a feel of what I am talking about.

Tedx Ikeja 2016 theme was going Africa. The event kicked off with the display of an awesome TED video by George Ayittey titled “Africa’s Cheetah Versus Hippos”. The video talked about how bad the African government has aided in destroying the continent. How much money is being looted and sent abroad. It also showed the style of governance experienced by certain tribes in Africa. He went ahead to proffer solutions for the wreck already being done. You can find the video here.

The second TED video by Saki Mafundikwa talked about the ingenuity and elegance in ancient African alphabets. You can find the video here.

Tedx Ikeja had about 6 intelligent speakers talking about the beauty of Africa and how much energy and positive spirit we have but don’t realise. They talked about Africa from their own eyes/point of view. I will try to summarize a few points from some speakers.

The most interesting for me was Isaac and Nneka Moses. The couple that hosts the popular Goge Africa. They spoke on our common traits as Africans. Nneka talked about Ubuntu meaning “I am because we are”. She mentioned that Ubuntu is the true spirit of Africans. They both recalled going to Ghana and seeing how life is being celebrated which is very common among Africans. A customised casket for the dead. For example, a fruit seller was buried in a pineapple casket. Very interesting. They also recalled going to Opobo for the coronation of the new Jaja. They had no money and no place to sleep. She realised that women don’t wear trousers but tie wrappers. They equally had the best of treatment. She said a breakfast for each of them would serve for 7 people. The people practically competed to house them. Other traits mentioned Was The Mystic in the African culture.


Kenny Blaq, a music comedian encouraged the youths to be unique and innovative in whatever they had to do. Being black to him is a blessing because he is original. He took us through the ups and downs of his career.


Other speakers were Tunji Olubgodi who shared the story of his struggle after being laid off work and now has branches of his company in about 7 African countries. Yele Okeremi, Deremi Atanda, Deola Kayode also spoke at the event.


The host was Dieko Gilbert who is a broadcast journalist and reads the 7am world news bulletin on 92.3 Inspiration FM. We had music by Doel (Dominating Over Every Land). He had a theme song for the event which I think was lovely.



At the end, I left there a refreshed person ready to help Africa in my own little way. We can’t keep waiting for the government to do everything. The first video I talked about asked to mention at least 20 presidents in Africa that we can remember out of the over 200 we ever had. He said people couldn’t mention up to 15. It simply means that most African leaders failed their people.

The event was organised by Demola and his team. If you will like to work with Demola, have any ideas to make Tedx Ikeja better or you want to volunteer, you can contact him via his email demola@tedxikeja.com




TEDX Ikeja Team

Please, do let him know you got this info from Joy of iModelAfrica.

What your favourite TED video? Have you attended any Ted show before? How was it? Please share your experience.

If you are inspired to start a Ted event in your area, Demola can put you through the process.

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