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This place looks clean. Thanks to the cleaners who took away the cobwebs. It has been ages in here. Whoooooh.
Happy New Year to you my very lovely and loyal reader. I hope you are having a great year already.
Mine started on a rough note but here I am – Strong, healthy, happy and loved by God.
I have been away from the blog not of my own making but because I had to take a step back and figure out ways to make the blog very valuable to you. I want this blog to be a blessing to you in every way possible.
Truth is, I really missed you. I missed writing. I missed reading your comments.
But hey, the good news is that I have been able to put some things in order and as time goes on, it will unfold. You will enjoy the blog this year. I bet!
I am still looking for a few contributors who will join me on this journey, so if you are interested, just send me a mail.
Did you notice we have a shop already??? I cannot even begin to tell you plans for the shop. Just like shopping clothes and shoes, you get to shop valuable digital products as well. I am particularly excited about this one. I almost put it off till it was perfect but who cares? Done has always been better than perfect. Head to the shop and see what you can get for yourself.
Another thing that gives me joy is our growing community on Facebook. It feels great having young women from various parts of the country who are dedicated to making their dreams come true. If you haven’t been with us, just click here.
I wish you the very best of life and lots of successes this year. I look forward to lots of good news, good shoes and great connections!

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Hey She-boss! I am Joy (Ollie) and I am glad to have you here. I am a God lover who is dedicated to inspiring young creative women and living a fulfilled life. I hope you find my posts useful and don’t forget to subscribe for more awesomeness! Thank you for reading!!!❤️

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